Monday, December 19, 2016

Never ending battle

It's really suffocating battling with our ownself.
You have to follow your brain but your heart's thumping wanting the other thing.
And you have to know what's nafsu and what's intuition.
And of course to weigh them all with your sane rationality.

Nobody knows what someone is actually going tnrough.
Bestfriends, best bestfriends, or even special friends, they might know some of the picture but you keep some pieces to your own little heart.
Outside, people will bash you, will talk bad about you and possibly to form a bandwagon against you.
If only they know the truth.
You never wish to be in that situation.
The river just flows and you have no force to stop.

Good and bad becomes no difference at that point.
You just feel like being invisible that nobody sees or even remembers you anymore.
I just want a good ending.
Again, it's Allah's secret what 'good' is.

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