Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Comfort zone

On one side I'm an independent woman (note that I refer myself a woman, I have to be one anyway.)
But on the other side I'm so dependent.

Today, I tried to challlenge myself.
Tried to lepak alone in Oldtown, imaginning myself reading a book or scrolling down my mobile phone screen over sips of hazelnut white coffee. Well, not sips though since I sucked my coffee with a straw. I never ordered hot coffee. Yes I love coffee but my version of coffee is always iced.
I went off track again.

My plan was to wait for my sister until she finished her work, soo that would be like around 3-4 hours of me-time in Oldtown.
But ended up, I started to get overly conscious and uncomfortable and drove back.
Yes I drove back.
To some people, spending time alone is a valuable reward to oneself, but for people like me, or at least me, it's a torture.
So yeah, I failed again.

I ususally don't write long in a sentence.
I like to make them look nice and proportianate.
But I don't know why I can't seem to make it for this post.
Oh hey! That just means I have at least gone out of my comfort zone.

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