Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dinding Penghadang

Setiap hari kita berjumpa orang.
Kalau zaman sekarang, tak jumpa orang pun tetap akan jumpa.
Maksud aku di dunia maya.
Betapa banyak 'stragers' yang kita jumpa setiap hari.
Apa yang menyebabkan dia dan kita strangers?
Kerana antara kita dan dia tiada urusan.
Jadi tiada keperluan untuk dia dan kita berbicara justeru menjadi paling koman acquiatance. 
Jadi maknanya, manusia ni selfish lah? Sebab hanya akan berbicara atas dasar keperluan?
Tanpa bicara, dinding penghadang itu tak akan berjaya dirobohkan selamanya.
Hakikatnya ya.

Kalau kita lihat dari jauh, macam-macam kita boleh complain. Perempuan tu muka dia garang, hidung dia senget, mata dia sepet, ketiak dia busuk dan macam-macam lagi. Tapi cuba bayangkan, dia guru kepada anak kita di tadika. Tidakkah kita sedut benefit-benefit dari dia?
Hakikatnya ya.
Ish manusia ni, sudahlah selfish, parasite pulak tu.

Entah-entah strangers tu lah yang separti politik dengan kau. Nasib ada dia. Kalau tak, kurang satu undi parti pilihan kau.
Entah-entah strangers tu jugak lah yang sama pilihan artis gegar vaganza dengan kau. Kalau tak, belum tentu artis pilihan kau dapat ke final.
Entah-entah strangers  tu lah jugak pengguna Celcom macam kau. Kalau tak, belum tentu coverage Celcom seluas sekarang.
Entah-entah strangers tu lah peminat fanatik Zawara macam kau. Nasib ada dia. Kalau tak, belum tentu Zawara kebabom macam sekarang.

Dan pelbagai 'entah-entah' lagi.

Hakikatnya, kita tak akan pernah tahu apa fungsi kita pada strangers, dan apa fungsi strangers pada kita. Yang kita tahu, kita saling berfungsi. Jangan sampai gagal berfungsi.

Monday, November 21, 2016


As I grow older, I realize this 'thing' becomes less in number but richer in quality.
If that makes sense.
All I'm trying to say is..
I'm not a good friend.
Knowing that fact, sometimes I feel so undeserved to receive such good friends.
They are just Godsend.
How to put it in words. Urgh I am never good in expressing my feelings with words.
So to those good friends of mine.
Thanks for always keeping me in your mind and heart.
I really love you(s).
I really do.
Your sincerity is so genuine.
And that what keep us strong.

Aiyak. Geli. Tapi aku tengah momen terharu sekarang. So there you go.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Planning? Blergh

Opened my journal, ready to plan for my two upcoming  getaways.
Ended up just writing down the dates.

Why you no interesting??

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Changed. Again. And again.

One of the things I enjoy doing.
To decorate my blog. 
I changed again this time. 
Now it's black and white. 
Because I just encountered this one make-up blog and it's black and white.
So I thought why not?
More matured, professional (memang tak ah), more firm, whatever comes to your mind lah. 
Mungkin esok lusa aku bosan, aku tukar lagi. Muahaha. 

I am actually still waiting. 
Where's my next journey.

*now playing Menanti Sebuah Jawaban by Padi*

Just nak cakap aku tengah menanti sebuah jawapan dari sekolah itu. 
Murahkanlah rezeki aku Ya Allah. 
At this time and age, nothing is more serious than getting a 'proper' job.
I define 'proper' as a job that could give me excitement every day and can pay bills (of course). 
Especially zaman pemerintahan BRIM sekarang. 
Eh tak cakap pape tak cakap pape. 

Jap. Pause kejap. 
Cuba fikir jap. 
Hebatnya Yang Maha Pencipta. 
Rahsia dia. 
Siapa sangka. 
Siapa pun kita, we never know how tomorrow would be. 
Kerna itu doa doa dan doa. 
Dengan diri penuh noda.
Kadang kadang tak yakin doa diterima atau tidak sobbs.
Tapi siapa kita nak menduga Si Dia Yang Maha Pemaaf sobbs lagi.
Ya Allah.
Luasnya lah rahmatMu.

Eh chop!
Bukan tadi nak cakap pasal new look encik mlog ni je ke?
Ahh biasa ah tu. 
Bila lama tak luah perasaan. 
Eh tapi kalau pompuan borak camtu ah kan. 
Paling syok bila tetiba sorang start "Eh jap? Macam mana kita dah boleh sampai ke sini eh? Kita cakap pasal ape sebenarnye eh tadi?"
Pastu ramai ramai dok keep track balik conversation sebelum sebelum tu. 
Ha nampak tak, ni gaya macam nak dok jadi dah. 
Ok pen off dulu (haha ayat favourite students dulu. lol).
Since I've no pen, so keyboard-off dulu. 
Hah jangan ikut eh ni term teacher rereka sendiri. 

Seriouslah, bye!

Different style

Notice my entri style has changed lately.
Urghh the expense of practicum.
But I'm over it.

I always envy on how could people organise such beautiful words in their blog.
But after all, that's just how writing reflects one's personality.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Letter to Junior (for assignment)

This should be part of my practicum portfolio content. A letter to junior. So here it goes.

Dear my beloved juniors, (if you ever exist)

I’m writing this to share with you my experience being in MRSM Kubang Pasu for my practicum and will also pass to you some useful advices. Brace yourself, it’s gonna be an honest revelation.

                    The first thing I would like to share with you is about MRSM system. Since I come from SBP, learning about MRSM during the first week was so overwhelming. I don’t understand why they want to rebrand everything that KPM has. As simple as PIBG. In MRSM, it is known as Muafakat. Just like the US vs. UK. Okay that was one. I don’t know if you find this annoying but it is for me. 

                 Second is about different programs in MRSMs. My MRSM particularly has the IGCSE program. Hence, this makes the school more hectic as compared to other normal MRSMs. Usually, the ‘critical’ forms are form 3 and form 5 since they are having their national examination. For IGCSE MRSMs, form 4 is also considered ‘critical’ because the IGCSE exam is in form 4. Not to mention form 2 which is also going to have their checkpoint exam. So, you can tell how exam-based the school is. In terms of academic performance of course, this MRSM is one of the top ones. But due to the exam-based environment, I feel like losing a sense of ‘human’ in the students as well as the teachers (everyone’s like a robot). There is little chance for you to get to know the students, especially you are there for only 3 months and that minus their weeks of exams and whatnot.

                    Being a student-teacher who has ambitious visions to make change to the system, I think the least I could do is to change the students’ perception towards the subject. I can say that I have achieved this. From the letters I received from my students, a lot of them mentioned about how they enjoyed all the games and fun learning environment I have created in their class. Some of them also mentioned how their attitude towards English have changed and they have improved a lot on grammar and vocabulary. As a teacher, there is nothing more I can be happy with than the students telling me they are improving in the subject area. Even a little improvement from them, you will feel a huge satisfaction.

                    Another thing I learnt in this practicum is the fact that students are everything for a teacher. Students will always be the determiner whether or not I had a good day despite any issues at the school. There were times when I entered the class, my students were all standing and clapping hands cheerfully. At least, they are looking forward to what I have for them every day and that is better than anything else. Tell me how could I not feel sad leaving them?

                    Next I’d like to talk about the working environment. Jumping from a student life to a working life is not easy. There are a lot of expectations you should be prepared with. The least you could do is to have an open heart and accept your colleagues for what they are. I always believe, in a committee, it is impossible for everyone to work well with each other all the time. There are always hard times that we will face. But never take that as an excuse for you to talk bad about your colleagues or to even give them certain labels. Instead, try to be someone cooperative, especially you are there as a new teacher so don’t be someone difficult.

                    I think that is all from me. I’m afraid this will go too long. I think I’ve conveyed my main message. Last but not least, whatever disaster comes, students are always the main reason to keep moving forward. Sincerity is the key in teaching. If you are sincere, the knowledge passed will easily be penetrated in the students’ hearts. Till then, good luck!

Your cheerful senior,