Monday, October 3, 2016

Practicum post #11 [I can't marah]

I'd always thought that in teaching I need to be strict and to be able to scold students where necessary. I mean, to make them human.

However I personally find it's hard for me to scold or even raise my voice to students. I'd always feel like they are innocent creatures who should be nurtured with full of love, though a lot of them are not innocent at all. Sly instead. 

Anywayyss, the story was last week I gave my students a homework. Because I know that class quite well, I asked them to write a report in group as supposed to individual essay as I did to other classes. However I was very disappointed that only 1 group out of 4 groups made it on time. Worse was, one of the groups submitted an effortless essay. I was angry upon reading the work and in a way I doubt myself as a respected teacher. I always remind myself that regardless my size and experience, I want my students to respect and have faith in me. I want them to look at me as their source of knowledge. 

To make it short, I wrote a short note (not that short though) to them, taking a risk to make things better or I'm ready for it to be worse. 

The letter was 

And yesterday I received a text from one of their classmates

Hence, the ending was nice. Thanks students for making me feel happy to be your teacher. I pray for your continous success.