Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Practicum ends

It's been almost 2 weeks since I finished my practicum.
Feeling? Honestly happy mostly. I've been waiting to finish the practicum, and I know I'll be missing my students very badly. And I'm right. Even now, still missing them.

So, let's talk about each of my class here.
*Oh God, please don't let them read this*

Let's start with form 1 class. I taught 3 classes and each class has different personalities and energy. Here they are.

This is 106. This class, if you do a boring lesson, they really tell you that they are bored from their face. But once you got them to move, they will be the happiest people on earh. 
This is 104. They are brainy but less active and responsive in class. But give them writing task, they will surprise you (in a good way).
This is 102. Very responsive and expressive. Sorry if I love them more than my any other form 1. Each time I entered their class, they always made me feel like a star ;) Seriously. Even with a simple question like "Have you had your lunch?" They will answer a solid "YES!!" that I can just blown away (hyperbole intended).  And they will always cheer, "Yeay yeay, Miss Niena datang". Ahh that feeling. The most important thing is, each time I gave them work, they were the most excited kids and they couldn't wait for me to mark their works . Unbelievable right that this kind of class actually exists? Haha.
Another picture of 102. You have no idea how suffocated I was after this picture was taken. They literally pushed each other around and squeezed me like a lemon juice, just to get into the frame. Aaaaaaa -_- 
I also taught form 3. 2 classes actually. But the other class, I only entered like twice or thrice. So, not much in terms of bond with them.

This is 304. They are very energetic and responsive. This is the class I taught when I was observed by John. They did homework when I gave them homework. They are also very well-behaved and into English. They never gave me a hard time to control their class. They will always got excited when I gave them opportunity to present. Some of them were really chatty, which is great as I like it when students feel comfortable talking to me about whatever topics. For me, they are shooooo cute and with them, I really feel like a teacher. 
They didn't wanna let me go. Haha excuse my awkward pose there. Really I was actually :P
My form 4 classes. I taught 2 form 4 classes. 

This is 402. With form 4, I feel myself extra connected. I can't really justify why. This is a very decent class. You can tell from the class photo don''t you? They joke around but always on task. Much respect to the boys. For me, this class has a leadership aura. Especially the boys. Some of them are quite playful but a lot of them are impressively well-behaved. Girls, no problem of course. They are always in the 'ready' mode to learn. Awwwh i mish you guys. 
One of the behind the scene photos. Look, still decent. 

I was also given a responsibility to teach some intervention students from form 5. There were 2 groups of them. 
Group 1. Good luck for your SPM. My prayers are with you. 
This is group 2. Will never forget the 'taqboat' memory. Hahaha

Last but not least, this is my homeclass, 405. Homeclass is basically a class that we were supposed to know most. We were asked to have one homeclass throughout our practicum and this is mine. One word to describe this class: CRAZY. In a good way and in a not-so good way too. Haha. But honestly, God knows how glad I am to have them as my homeclass. Being me, I am also playful so I can totally 'layan' their playful minds. Both boys and girls are really fun. This is the class that can really bring out the true colours of mine. I made silly jokes with them, I teased them as much as they teased me. I told a lot about myself to this class too. They are really annoying I tell you. They will pick on every word I say. How could I not miss them?

Even from the class photo, you can judge. They will never behave. 
All were ready but one of them decided do a 'scene' behind -_-

I got one for myself too!

I miss you kiddos. 
I gave them this bookmark one each with different note to each one. And the girls were all so terharuuu. Awwwhh. Sorryla ni je teacher mampu bagi. 

And these people are the most annoying students of mine, especially the one with the red batik. But they made my day each time. 

Hence, it's the end of my #practicumpost. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Practicum post #11 [I can't marah]

I'd always thought that in teaching I need to be strict and to be able to scold students where necessary. I mean, to make them human.

However I personally find it's hard for me to scold or even raise my voice to students. I'd always feel like they are innocent creatures who should be nurtured with full of love, though a lot of them are not innocent at all. Sly instead. 

Anywayyss, the story was last week I gave my students a homework. Because I know that class quite well, I asked them to write a report in group as supposed to individual essay as I did to other classes. However I was very disappointed that only 1 group out of 4 groups made it on time. Worse was, one of the groups submitted an effortless essay. I was angry upon reading the work and in a way I doubt myself as a respected teacher. I always remind myself that regardless my size and experience, I want my students to respect and have faith in me. I want them to look at me as their source of knowledge. 

To make it short, I wrote a short note (not that short though) to them, taking a risk to make things better or I'm ready for it to be worse. 

The letter was 

And yesterday I received a text from one of their classmates

Hence, the ending was nice. Thanks students for making me feel happy to be your teacher. I pray for your continous success.