Saturday, May 28, 2016


One by one,
I see the leaves falling
Kissing the ground 
And forever they are in love 

Greener they turn
Stronger they become
The trunk remains 
Yet, stronger it stands

That man from the town
Sat on the bench

That man from the countryside
Sat by the beach

That man from the city
Sat by the window

All pondering bout their little secret
Written on the fallen leaves
To hide it between chapters
Or might the ink just vanished
To be known not by the world

Thinking out loud

Maybe just my nature.
I am more comfortable talking to boys.
Cause I can express whatever I think, frankly.
Because I'm a frank person.

Even if I have best girlfriend, she must be a not-so-typical kinda girl.
Dengan laki, sakit hati hari ni, esok baik balik.
Dengan pompuan, sakit hati hari-hari
Tak hilang hilang.
Menyampah aku.

Lantak ah nak cakap aku less pompuan ke ape.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


"The monster's running wild inside of me, I'm faded"
Yes I am.

Sheryll said to me "you have that one skill that you can always look happy and cheerful".
Upon hearing that, I stunned, questioning myself "Really?"
Or maybe, in a crowd, that's where I recharge my positivity.

And there's one friend said to me "You look a bit different this year. More reserved and less talking"
And again, I questioned myself "Really?"
Part of it was true.


Half of the world sees me on one side,
And another half of the world sees me on another side of mine. 
Truth is, it's hard to find people who can see me on the perspective perpendicular to myself.
I talk rubbish. 
You might not understand.
But I have that imagination clearly in my mind. 
Whether or not you can read it, I don't care. 

Reading back all my recent posts,
I think I miss the old Niena. 
If this is what adult's like, 
I miss my teenage life.

No I'm not depressed. 
I am just expressing. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Ayam dan Itik

Ayam ngan itik pun tak seteruk ni weh.
Arghh logik apakah.
Walau aku cuba paham.
Dan selam.
Masih terkapai kapai.

Persefahaman sendiri gagal difahami.


Kadang aku fikir, kenapa kami masih bercakap.
Sepatutnya dah lama bercakaran.
Arghh. sungguh aku stress.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

That one man
Knows himself
Knows everyone
Knows everything
She thought, he's playing Mr Know-It-All

That one man
Reads roses 
Listens tulips
Talks thorns
She thought, he's a cotton candy

That one man
Loved by friends
Adored by girls
Deared by newbies 
She thought, he's a joke.

That man
He's stitched
He's ached
That girl 
She pitied
She laughed. 

Knees bent, the sacks he carries
Head down, the people he passes
Hopeless noise, the words he dismisses
Eyes wiggle, the world he's ridiculed

A card she writes not
With a little wish she says not
To that one annoying man.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Second class

I'm small
And petite
And helpless
And vulberable
And weak
And seond-class

So people, 
Keep scolding me. 
Yes, especially in front of the whole world. 
Keep putting s**ts on my face. 
Keep throwing loads on my shoulder. 
Oh yes, just do whatever you want. 
Because in the end, I'm that second class who will always abide to the first-class. 


When you lie too much
You'll just keep lying to seal the lies that you made 
And your life ends up a lie
People might believe
Or trust
But not me

I hate liars

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Not yet

I have not yet found
And I have not yet to be found 

I'm poisoned 
I'm dying inside
I need to go for a theraphy 
Actually it's my choice
To go or not to go
Because it is in front of me

Heart heart heart
Always goes up and down 
Mind mind mind
Always thinks too much 
When my heart sicks
My mind doesn't work well
And my face decides to portray it to the world 
Though my smile tries to disguise the pain 
But people with visible heart can definitely see

I'm still alive 
That means I will be stronger

Monday, May 9, 2016


Yes I have problems.
But I keep them inside.
My heart swells.
I need to cure it immediately.
Before it sickens even worse.

Because heart is the nucleus of a human.
Once it's ruined, the rest suffers.
And I can feel that I am suffering now.
Pray for me.

I can't take this anymore.
Wanna go home.