Wednesday, September 25, 2013

random thoughts

Because I hate my new template.
I always tried to beautify my own template and ended up hating the result.
In the end, I'll ask my friend to make it for me. 

Anyway, I love my blog still. 
Even though I hate some of my writing.

Those few days really made me happy.
Weekend yang produktif.
Tidur yang minima berbanding weekend yang lain.
Tiring yet exciting.
Thanks for coming.
I know it's not because of me, of course. 
But at least, rasa macam, yeayyy finally dapat catch up.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Everything's okay

Life can be so complicated sometimes.
It's you who colour your life.
Whether you wanna make it boring dark black,
or plain white,
 or make it colorful instead.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Because I talk a lot.
So maybe I need somebody to talk less. 
To listen a lot.
To laugh at my jokes.
My stupid jokes (I know).

I can easily be happy.
So I need somebody who knows how not to make me sad.

Ok start dah post cenggini. 
Baik aku chow.
Penangan drama melayu.

Monday, September 9, 2013


I know.
I knew.
My cheeks.
They grow bigger.
Because I keep feeding them.
Now, they're like swollen.


Bersedialah dengan teguran balik Malaysia nanti.

I have approximately 2 months and half to work on my cheeks.
Please grow thinner.
Hihiii how can it be?

Ok, let's put it this way.
Please stop growing.
Please shrink.
You look better that way.
At least for me.
For you, who cares?

Wanna see the comparison?

Left : before Right : After
Nahhh, kak jah dah bagitau korang produk ni berkesan. Kalau sapa2 nak pipi dia tu kembung sikit, telefon la kak jah ye. 0148@#$%^&


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Currently following Malay drama Jodoh itu milik kita.
Setting dekat Auckland. hihi.
Not bad lah cerita but I prefer SSID.
SSID the best for me because of the strength of both characters.

Recently, cerita kahwin paksa aka bercinta lepas kahwin sangat common di Malaysia.

Positively, bagus jugakla because it suits our culture. I mean, takde la rasa apa sangat sebab we know (or at least, we assume) that the main characters are married. So, their love and their language of love is kinda accepted. If you know what I mean.

Negatively, it's cliche.

Me myself, I have my own love story.
In fact, everyone of us does.
Let us see where it ends.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


I can't keep it for too long.
Some people are really annoying.
They come and do whatever they want.
I've been keeping this for so long.
Each time it happens, I feel like screaming
"Hoi, takde adab ke?"
Tapi aku sabar. Aku tak pernah buat.
Tapi aku tak suka benda tu berlaku.
How to stop something without actually doing anything?
Gaaahh.. I hate that!

A wise man once said this, tak silap Albert Einstein.
"The foolest person is the person who keeps doing the same but hoping to change."

Or the Malay version that I heard from Prof Muhaya.
"Manusia paling tidak siuman ialah manusia yang melakukan perkara yang sama tetapi mengharapkan perubahan."

Waaa aku tak suka sikap dia yang slumber badak sangat.
Even among friends, we have manners. I better stop here.


Friday, September 6, 2013

sem 2. I really need to boost my momentum.

Yes I really need to.
I just got my first assignment result. And it was bad.
Surprisingly, I'm not surprised. Even though I think I did my best for that but I had the feeling that I'll get a bad mark for last few days.
And today, I logged into CECIL and yes, it's true.
I'm getting lazier this sem.
Getting less motivated.

"Hoi, ingat tu kau pakai duit rakyat! AMANAH rakyat lagi! Tak sedor diri ke? Asal pemalas sangat? Ingat mak bapak kau hantar jauh2 nak suruh kau makan tidur je ke?"

Semoga suara ini terus memberi kesan kepada ku.

Niena, please. Don't waste your time.
Make your parents proud.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

For mum's birthday

Bought a handbag for my mum. 
Can't wait for her to get that parcel.
The courier said it'll be there today.

Hope she'll love it. 
I love you.
And always do.
And daddy too.


Recently I feel hurt like couples of times.
But I hate to take the feelings seriously.
It burdened me.
Each time I feel so, I feel like crying.
I'm afraid that I couldn't bear that pain and my tears come out.
But so far I did well.
I coped well.
I cried loudly in my heart.
Like somebody used to say "Dream out loud, 'coz nobody hears".

It's painful to be hurt.
It's hard to act normally when inside you are struggling.

Somehow I feel so bad.
I feel I deserve to be unlikable. 
Because of my attitude.
I'm not a good friend, I know.
Yeah, that's me. 

But I am Niena.
I will make myself as happy as I could.
Because I hate being sad.
Sadness makes me think of my hometown.
Thinking of my hometown makes me homesick.
Homesick makes me emotionally unstable.
It makes my life a misery.
See the link?
So, better don't be sad. 
It's like a domino's effect.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Camping at Piha beach

Hye everybody!!

Actually I just got back from a camp at Piha beach. MARA camp. So I'm writing here just to share my experience during the camp. Personally, I think the camp was cool! But yeah, it was effing cold but since I was already mentally prepared so that's not a big deal.

My confidence level is not that good yet because I'm still nervous and shaky each time I need to talk.

I have no idea what else to say, but these photos might tell you.

Macam orang eskimo dah.

sempat tau

My group. PINGU. Cute ay?

Group mates.

Haha look at that man at the back.

And this is when he came approaching, we asked him for a photo. haha sempat aje. 

Those who were in the program.

And suddenly there is a birthday partayy.. Well, birthday wish je pun. terpaksa cut it short sebab bas dah sampai time ni. 

The two birthday girls. 31/08 (Ayu) and 2/09 (Zati)

Haven't copied much photos yet. Will update it more soon. InsyaAllah.