Monday, January 21, 2013

let's move on

i don't wanna be an interrupter.
i used to be one. (accidently).
but tell you what? it's terrible. i don't wanna be the parasite.
i just wanna live happily.

i never think of falling for mat salleh.
but here i did!
hah shut up niena!
nope i'm just kidding. still i will go for a Malay guy.
James is charmingly cute and Ollie is awesomely good looking.
it's good to be their friends.
they are very nice.

oh ya, i already got my new pink instax and i'm lovin' it. opps.. tak boleh. kena boikot mcD.
gaya jakun tengah tengok gambar. comel kan instax tu? comel kan?? hewheww.. i've been dreaming to own one since moooonths agooo and finally i did. yez!
anddd yes! we're having summer school program right now and it is still on going. but at least the 2 weeks had past and it was such a freedom being out of there.

alright let's have a look at these pictures for the last 2 weeks.

introducing my new friendss.. they're from kpm and the one yg 'peace' tu  from UIA. 

the left one is John. the right one is sapik.. john is our lecturer during the 2weeks course. he's nice! :)

part of us. some are not in the picture. you go TESOLians. (now it's no longer TESL, but it's TESOL)

cute art work from farah. guess which one is me??

the red one is margaret, also our lecturer from VuW.

the wellington family. :( wuwuwuww bye2 guyz.. 

and the Auckland family! the girls rule.

me and farah :)

we had our dinner together. eating satay! weehu!

uuuuu berangan kejap sementara tunggu john and margaret..

now bring the boyss out!!!
and that's all. see yew soon. HAHA