Thursday, March 31, 2011

do people deserve another chance??

AS is just around the corner. But I don’t see any change in that. You know how was it feels when you’re going to sit for a big exam and the teacher neglects you. Plus, it’s not your fault. I’m not blaming anyone here. I just feel frustrated. I’m sick and tired of hoping this situation will change. But each day, things are getting worse. I know she hurts. But we’ve apologized. And I really mean it when I apologize to someone. You know how it feels when a person who used to be close to you now getting further and further away from you. I swear, I was sad! I don’t know how to describe it in words. My heart tears off. Because everytime I tried to heal the situation, there’s no positive change. In fact, I was the one who keep bearing the pain. Words can kill people, smile can kill people, so do the look. She was not ‘she’ as I knew before. Maybe we are the reason why she changes. But we do hope to recover everything. We have no power. Helpless!

Well, God knows the best. God knows what is inside the heart of everyone of us. I’m sure each and everyone of us are keep thinking about this unwanted situation. But we don’t find any way out. Whatever it is, we can just rely it on Allah. We believe that is the best for us, that’s why Allah test us with this. Oh my GOD. It’s hard for me to face this situation. I feel like bearing a mountain on my shoulders. It’s worse. GOD, help me. Help us. I can’t stand seeing the other students being treated nicely, warmly by her. But when it comes to us, it always full of sarcasm and pain. Is she already hated us? Is there no longer a place for us in her heart?
I hate to see people doing maths. Because I want to do it but I just have no time to do maths now. I got assignments endlessly, dyc stuff, koop stuff and etc. I enjoy doing them but I just can’t stand seeing people doing maths. I love that subject, but I’ve no time to focus on it. And the result is, I perform it badly. Oh GOD!!!

I’m stressed! I’m sick! I’m tired! I want to cry. :'(
if my efforts are not seen, at least give some appreciation.
i feel like a fool.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


sy marah, tp x reti marah. sy marah bila privasi sy diceroboh. tp sy x reti tunjuk marah. tp sy terer bab2 mrajuk. haha, tp mrajuk hnya kepada org2 tertentu shj. jd bila sy x reti marah n x boleh nak merajuk, sy buat biasa2 sj. dlm hati penuh kekilanan(maksudnya terkilan lah). haha.
minatk maaf sbb mrh kepada anda.
mungkin slh saya meluahkan ape yg tidak patut di blog ini. tp ini blog sy. so, suka hatilah!
kalau tahu, jgn bgtahu org, especially tuan punya badan. saya malu. sy juga tahu malu.
sy tahu sy x patut suka dia. tp sy tersuka.
sekarang, saya dh x mrh lagi. niena x suka marah. dia tahu marah tu sifat syaitan. jd dia cool! mcm cool blog!

lastly, shakespeare kate, LOVE ALL, TRUST A FEW DO WRONG TO NONE.
niena syg KMS, niena syg DYC, niena syg ROOMATE, niena syg TESL.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

erti sahabat..

Sahabat. Byk kali dengar. But I think I just truly understand what is the real meaning of persahabatan baru2 ni. Which is after I heard a song by UNIC, “sebuah pertemuan”. Lagu ni dh lama and I really familiar with this song, but I never listen to each lines of this song. Bila dgr btul2, sumpah, air mata rsa mcm nk mnitik. Indahnya bersahabat kerana ALLAH.

Thanx to liyana my roommate and soulmate sbb tujukan lgu ni kt aku masa cuti hari tu. Tp time tu aku x dgr btul2. Only after I heard the lines, hati aku tersentuh. I can’t describe it in words. Maybe before, I feel happy having friends. But now, I even feel happier to have my friends around. I really2 hope the ukhuwah that are tied with my friends are all ‘lillahitaala’,kerana Allah.

Seriously, cuba lah korang dgr lgu tu. Best sgt. Kdg2, dakwah ni sgt berkesan melalui lagu kn. J

To all my friends, especially TESLian and yana, I hope the bond that we’ve made will become tighter everyday.TESLians, thanx 4 evrything. correct me if i'm wrong and guide me towards achieving success in life and hereafter. you guyz are superb!! I never met friends like you guyz before. Each of you brighten, and enlighten my life. I don’t want to lose each and everyone of you. I really appreciate your presence in my life. Maybe I look biasa2 je, but deep inside, GOD knows, how much I love you guyz. Smpai rsa x kesa x de boyfriend sbb ade kwn2 mcm korang.

Not to forget, my friends at SOKSEK, smpai ari ni korang ttp ade tmpat masing2 dlm ati aku. Husna, khalis, yana, ieyla, zeyan, fy, you guyz are so special to me. don’t worry, I won’t forget you. The memories stick in my mind. All the laughters and tears that we shared together remain in my mind. Another special buddy, pait @ fadli zulfaiz. budak gila yg aku syg. haha. dy byk tlg aku. wlupun hebiaq, tp ati dy sgt baek.. pait thanx..  =)

I don’t know why certain people prefer to be isolated rather than having friends around. Sometimes, we do approach them, but they refuse. And the reason is, “I believe in myself rather than people around. People cannot be trusted”. Seriously I don’t understand. Are you happy with that way. I don’t think so. Your life will be so dull. There’s no one beside you when you need. You don’ share things with people. If you’re happy, it won’t be the same as when you share your happiness with your besties.
Mengertilah nilai sebuah persahabatan tu sgt besar. It’s precious. =) 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I.E.L.T.S again

ielts exam is just around the corner.
and niena is still crawling. not even walking. she supposed to run with the fastest speed right now. but she's still crawling, gasping.
i tell you, ielts trial had passed.
and you know what? if the result was considered as the real result, you know what happen? i was left in Malaysia. my frenz will be waving their hands saying GOODBYE NIENA!
they're going to NZ and i was stucked in MALAYSIA.
oh no!
this thing shouldn't happen!!!
niena wake up!!!
go after them!!
you said they are your friends, but why did you let them leaving you just like that.
you've promised to go to New Zealand together with no one left behind.
if not, we're no longer 11.7.
this thing shouldn't happen! do something.
ask GOD to help you.
if last time you're sleepy during the test, don't repeat the same thing in eal exam, or else you'll be repeating the paper.)

p/s : this entri is posted with full of patience. she's going to cry actually. but she wants to maintain her happy mood throughout the day. but she asks herself to be strong. she knows GOD IS GREAT. she needs to change. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i'm a KMSian, i'm a TESLian.

living in a particular place needs us to have 'the sense of belonging' for us to be happy in that place.
and that's what i lacked when i was first staying at KMS.
i always compare KMS with SOKSEK, 11.7 with 5 JAUHARI, a level with my batch 0509, DS with DM, koop at KMS with koop at SOKSEK, bilik 306 ngn dorm 2C1 side B, lecturers at KMS with my teachers, JUSCO BM ngn JUSCO SEREMBAN, and everything around me.
and SOKSEK always wins my heart. KMS? hhmm i'm not really happy being here. i dont feel like i belong to KMS.
but now, things are different. i've told myself earlier that i just need time to adapt myself with seremban(which my parents cannot visit weekly).
now, i already feels like i'm a KMSian, i'm a TESLian.
thanx to my friend who lighten my moments at KMS.
special thanx to my class 11.7 and my honey sweetie roomate, syaza liyana mohd salim.
i love you guyz so much.. :))

Sunday, March 20, 2011

no time? really?

i wonder why we keep saying we don't have enough time when we are given lots of homeworks in a short time. why do we claim we don't have time and we're busy? because if the time is extended pon, cube fkr blk, ae yg kte bwat. facebook, blogging, yourube, melagha ngn kwn2.... the works will only being touched at the very last minute. rite? it happens to almost everyone. our best friend is 'procrastination'! yeah, he is the enemy of us that becomes our best friend because we treated him well..
kdg2 rse trok sgt bla buang msa.. godaan dunia IT byk sgt.

we are all given 24 hrs per day.
but why can't we complete our works when the others manage to complete it?
ask ourselves.


Saturday, March 19, 2011


Guyz, this is my first short story. we're asked to compose a short story based on a picture that we snapped at seremban. that is our task. miss nina asked us to snap pictures around seremban, and pick one that inspire us to compose a story, and the condition is, we must be in the photo as well. for me, it's not an easy task because im not a good writer, nor a good author. i'm just an ordinary person(ayt ni nmpk poyo). n sgt weak + miskin + cetek vocabs, so i know, this story sgtla x de umphh...

but still i will post it because this is my blog! haha. any comments are most welcomed. :

 “Hello, welcome.”
                The welcome alarm sounds as a girl entered the shop. It was a gift shop, with a big and enthralling signboard on the top, “MARRY ME GIFT SHOP”. The shop was a new shop built in the middle of the town. It was just operated 6 months ago, but it already stated a huge number of customers since the first day it operated. It was simply because of the mesmerizing decorations, colourful lights around, cute teddy bears filled each corner of the shop, tempting fragrance, and complete gift items inside with no exception. All the gift items are provided in that one complete shop.


               The World Friendship Day was around the corner. Many people came in and out of the shop to get their friends the best present as a proof for their precious friendships. Most of them were attracted to me, but no one seemed afford to buy me. I was the second biggest teddy bear in the shop, but I could ensure that I’m the cutest in the shop. It was enough to tell you why I managed to attract the most number of fans amongst all my friends. Among all the people that came and saw me, there was a girl who looked so innocent. She looked lonely. Her face was so holy and she was really pretty. She came to me for times and talk to me like I’m alive. If only I could reply her speak...
           She called me as Gladys. Gladys? What does it mean? By the way, I like the name. Since the last 6 months I was in the shop, today, I got my name, Gladys, which I never knew what was the meaning? After having a ‘conversation’ with me, she left the shop with a candy and a bunch of flowers in her hand. I heard she talked to my owner that she’s going to give them to her best friend. She was really courteous. Her best friend must be really lucky to have her.
                3 days later, that girl came to the shop again. This time, she brought her best friend with her. She introduced the shop to her friend. She said this was her favourite place so far. She felt very reconcile in the shop. The garden style in the shop made her heart sang. Again, she came to me and spoke to me. Now, she whispered something to me “Hey Gladys, how are you? I hope you’re fine. I really hope that you’ll be mine one day,” and then she smiled with satisfaction. After lingering around the shop, they left with a box of candles, wrapped beautifully with a ribbon on it. They were happy walking together hands in hands. 
                The next day, a man entered the shop. He was charming. Luckily I’m just a teddy bear. I can’t do nothing much than only looking at him which he will never knew. He was searching for a gift box. He wanted to fill it with a glass set for his friend for his wedding. She lingered and looked at each corner of the shop until he finally found the most suitable box. The box was located near to me. And he suddenly attracted to me. He touched me softly and smiled. I bet he must agree that my fur was as soft as silk. I thought he wanted to buy me, but after looking at the price, he put me down. I was frustrated. Until now, no one could afford to buy me. Everyone will stop and look at me but they will just cancel their intention after looking at my price.
                It was a week that the girl doesn’t come to the shop. I wondered what happened to her. Is there anything happened to her. Meanwhile, the charming guy kept coming, buying things in the shop. Day by day, week by week, months after months, the girl never comes. Today, it was already a year that I don’t see the girl. One day, the guy came to me and talked to me, just like the mysterious girl did to me. The guy said “Hey Mr. Teddy, would like to be mine? I think, I would like to buy you. You seem so special.” Hearing to that, I felt reluctant to be bought by him, because I’ve promised to that girl that I will let her to buy me. But, I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t speak, I’m helpless. I’m sure the girl must be really frustrated that I was taken. After negotiating with the shop owner, the guy eventually agreed to buy me.
“Hello, welcome!”
The door alarm sounds suddenly. It was that girl! She had change a little bit. Her hair was a little longer than before. One thing for sure, she’s getting prettier. However, her steps stopped. She looked at that guy with a poker face. She said none, so do that guy. Suddenly, her voice broke the silence.
 “Sorry sir, are you buying that teddy?”asked her with full of disappointment. Without saying anything, the guy nodded, with a sweet smile on her face. “Oh, it’s okay, I thought it would be mine. Hmm actually, I came here to take it. I worked hard for a year to get that teddy because it was so special to me. I don’t expect that somebody will buy it first, and you are the lucky guy to get it. Nevermind, since you’ve bought it, that’s yours.” She pretended a smile and left that shop.
The guy quickly stopped her. “Hey miss, wait! You are…. Keisha? Keisha right?”
 Surprised, the girl replied, “Yes, I’m Keisha, and you? Sorry sir, how do you know my name? I think we don’t know each other.”
“Yes, of course we know each other.” The guy smiled.
“How come?” Keisha asked, still surprised.
“I’m Lucas. The guy you met in the net. We keep chatting on facebook but we don’t know each other.”
“Oh, you’re Lucas! Oh, hye! Hey, how do you know that I’m Keisha? Any clues??” Keisha asked excitedly.
“Haha maybe you don’t realize that you’re wearing the same shirt as in your picture in facebook. But you will not recognize me because I never put my own picture at my profile.”
“Oh I see, and this is how you look like. Hmmmm not bad. Haha” she said.
“Oh I can’t believe I will meet you here. Actually, I came here to meet you for something really important. I asked around your address and I already got it. Unbelievable, I meet you here.”
“You wanna meet me. But why? Why don’t you inform me first? You are so mysterious. By the way, what is the important thing that really provokes you to meet me very urgently?”
“Well, since you are already here, hmmm I think God has planned better than my earlier plan.” He smiled. The girl confused and give a confuse look to him, asking for explanation.
Suddenly, Lucas kneeled, putting the big teddy bear in front of him and took out a ring from his pocket.
“Keisha, will you marry me?”
The noisy shop became silent. Everyone was putting their eyes on that couple. Keisha was speechless. She looked around, and blushed.
“Lucas, what are you doing? Are you serious?”
“Yes, Keisha, I’m serious. I love you. Will you marry me?” he asked again, for the second time.
“Yes, Lucas, I will.” Keisha replied. She couldn’t believe what she just said just now. Oh my God! They are united in “MARRY ME GIFT SHOP”. It was so irony! It was the first proposal happened in the shop since it was first operated, and I was the first teddy bear that became the proposal mean. It was incredibly sweet! I was the witness of their love. The girl dream to have me had come true when the guy gave me, a very significant teddy bear, to her. And it was much more meaningful since she got me by a gift, not from her own expense.
                 A month later, the couple got married. Their wedding is done hilariously and MARRY ME GIFT SHOP sponsored flowers for their wedding.

this is the responsible photo that meant to 'inspire' me

p/s : i know byk sgt kelemahan sort story ni. i think it's just an essay. sgt pendek. x twu dh nk ckp pe.. give me chance, this is my first attempt. 
thanx for reading!

money, shopping $$$$$$

today, everything needs money!
i want money! mara bg RM100, x cukup! today pnye nilai, seratus tu, sehari pon boleh abis!
persoalanny, npe duit sntiasa rse x cukup? aku ke yg boros? i dont think so. i think my frenz spend more than I do. maybe dorang ank2 org kaye blaka. aku ni ank org biasa sj. tp aku b'syukur. smpai ari ni Alhamdulillah, sume kperluan aku ade. aku ade tmpt tnggl, mkn sntiasa ckup(kdg terlebih2), pkaian pon ade(lebih dr ade), so npe nk claim x ckup lg. kdg2 t'tnye jgk kt diri sndiri,ape lg yg aku nk? cuba compare dgn org2 yg miskin, papa. fakir. diorang lagi la. byk sgt bnde yg diorang x de. blom tentu diorang tahu blog ni ape, facebook tu ape. or klu tahu pon maybe x de accountnye.

skg ni mcm2 bnde boleh bwat, jnji ade dwit..
nk kurus? dwiiiiitttttttt...........
nk putih? dwiiiiiiiiiiitttt............
nk pndai? dwiiiitttttttttt...............
nk blaja? dwiiiiiiittttttttt...............
nk cantik? dwiiiittttt...................
sedangkan nk blogging pon kene gne dwit. yela dwit broadband. klu x byr, alamatnye, x update la blog kn?
hhmm.. aku nk shopping!!!!! nk kasut baru! nk baju baru!!! nk tudung baru!(semua ini adalah k'inginan yg sgt m'buak2...)

tlglah fhm... tp mne boleh beli byk2 trus.. igt seposen ke? aku bukan ank tunggal. nk hrp parents angkat(MARA), lg la byk ank nk kne tanggung. so sume tu aku knela simpan dlm ati n sabar dulu bwat mse ni.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

what the....?????

let me tell you.
even it's a little too late.
hmm it's a story happened 2 me n my frenz the day i was going back to home.
ok, actally we planned to go to T1 with bale and ali(offered by bale la). hmm bt then, at 7.30 we decided to go on ourselves since we're hungry.. haha prut mronta2 diisi.. so, i told bal la we went 1st. we refers for me, nad and shifa.ok, kbetulan jmpe ngn pok deng kt gate B(knfom! haha). so, kitorang pon nek la 1 cab g t1. tp mse ttup bumper keta 2 shifa t'tutup dgn kuatnye. tp x pasan. tetbe msuk cab uncle taxi 2 baran.. pokpek2 kt kitorang(!@#$%$%^&)

bla bla bla..... ske ati ko la uncle.
aku diam je, kitorang diam je. dlm ati..(pe hal org tua ni kecoh sgt. bonet je pon)

ok fine, dh smapi t1 tu, kitorang pon turun la. then tnye, bpe rngiit. dy pon ckp rm8. before tu, dia trun siap2 mse smpai t1 tu. kononnye x nk kasi kitorang pegeng la kot bonet dy yg dh serba daif tu.. (hello... bonet ko tu yg mmg dh nk rosak. it's not our fault. bapak kerek). pastu kn, dh kitorang kasi rm10 tu, dy trus msuk keta n pecut dgn lajunye...
kuang asam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dy tpu kitorang. bkn nk kejam, tp x halal r.......

time tu mmg rse nyesal abis la x naek ngn bale & ali.
x pe r, bnde dh jd..

pndekkan citer, 10.30 bas aku. tp 11.30 br b'tolak. alhamdulillah 1 bas ngn shifa(unplanned).
pndekkan lg cter, 4.30 aku smpai parit buntar. alhamdulillah...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


it's a myth! sysyphus is a myth. but it was not just a myth. there's something behind the myth that can be learnt. DETERMINATION! yes, that's the word i intense to higlight today. works with effort do not complete without determination. your effort must be together with determination which will lead you to a wonderful outcome. it sounds so psychology though. but yes it is. if you do not agree, it's up to you but prove to me that you are right. it's sincere that creates determination. for me. i will only be determined when i was sincere to do something. whatever they are, they are always related to one another.

talking about my life lately. yeah hustle bustle. so many works to do. but plz don't get stressed. God knows what's the best for you. He won't give you something that you cannot endure. despite all the difficulties and tests u had, u will finally find something. what is that? STRENGTH! yes, God is giving you all these because He wants to give you something more significant, more precious and more valuable. which is STRENGTH. and then u will finally see there is where your patience lies.

See? How great HE is? so don't ask why you are tested. why do you have to face all these? and why you need to have such life? because all your questions have been answered actually. they are all in our AL QUR'AN.  :)

GOD IS GREAT. we are just planning. but the best plan is GOD's plan. so, just REDHA and live your life as you supposed to live. follow the flow, because the flow can never follow you.

think about what i've said. it's deep yet meaningful. you've known it but you maybe not realize. so, open your eyes, your heart and your mind. then only you'll see.

:)  daaaaaa~

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


let me tell you.
today i got trial. IELTS trial. (which i just knew 1 day before). and guess what?? i was sleepy... utterly sleepy. i wasted my first 30 minutes on reading. 30 minutes = 1/2 hour. speechless.

arghhhhhh... i dont know why but i cannot take exams at noon. i always fell asleep. trust me teacher. i've tried my best to not let myself sleepy but i failed.

adoii,, x tw nk ckp pe lg. malu kt 11.1. i think im the worst this time. mmg slalu bottom pon IELTS aku. huh x reti aku. soalan reading dh la killer. aku bukan pndai sgt pon. jeleznye kt sume org. npe aku mcm plg trok nieyh??

sob2.. :'( 

Monday, March 7, 2011

negotiate @ object

do you think those two words bring the same meaning. if u ask me, my answer is NO!! a big NO. but some people do regard both words as the same.

do you get what i mean. you know how disappoint it was when you are actually sincerely want to negogiate with someone, but you are regarded as objecting the order. hey, come on. we are human. if there is no negotiation, how can we live in peace??  (it sounds politics here).

hmm next, i am no longer interested to voice out my opinion since it will just make things worse. better quiet and just keep it to myself. (which is actually hurts)

traet others as you want to be treated. this sounds so common. but yet, YES it does. i mean, yes we need to treat someone as we want to be treated. what we get is what we gave.

this world is so KARMA.

see you, daaaaaa~

lights between the banisters

what's that? light between the banisters??
haha don't get confused. that's just crapy phrases created by me. actually what i want to say actually is happiness in difficulties. lately, i am so busy, i mean we(teslians). actually i hate to claim myself as busy. bcz i think we're not that busy. hmm but finally we are busy.
    but mlslah nk cter sal ke'busy'an kitorang. let me tell u sumthing good. today i feel great! it was my first xperience having watched a live perfomance. it was fantastic! u know what? i impressed the way they speak and act. bcz there are very simple props they used. i mean REALLY simple. doesnt need sophisticated technology or props to make it effective. but the way they act was captivating enough. every single actions they made, makes me feel like the thing is freally happen. u understand what i mean or not. emm like when they're just pretending like playing snooker or whatever la. the things look real. terer doe. dhla costume pon tshirt bruk je. hmm i guess it's worth it la to pay rm20 for that kind of perfomance. at least, i felt released. after packed and hectic life we had in KMS, atleast going to KLPac is such a release.

creepy jeh patung ni

with the actors the grey one, QUACK!!

nad <3

nice one! :)

   well, that's all. time to ZZZzzzzZZzzz....
assalamualaikum.. :)