Sunday, February 27, 2011

kms... DYC...

Today, I want to talk about my DYC..

1st, what is DYC?? Well, FYI, DYC is an organization established in KMS since long ago. Before, it was known as Kelab Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya a.k.a. PRS. But, starting from this year, our batch has rebranded the club, becoming Dynamic Youth Club(DYC)

I really enjoy my time with DYC bcz it makes me feel like I was in SOKSEK. Soksek, a very memorable place I ever had. I am myself when I’m with DYC. I love being in a place where ‘org gila’ are aound me. Haha.. I am telling you that DYC members are gila. Haha.

But, sometimes I do feel like I’m invisible. Well, not just me actually. I feel like people don’t really know me. And it’s maybe because of myself yg x reti approach org. Actually, I love to make friends. But being in KMS sometimes makes me feel awkward to approach people. Have you ever feel that people are not comfortable with you? I always feel that way. But I don’t know why. Too quiet or too much talking are both offensive. I really hate when I was in that place but people don’t talk to me, I mean when the thing is related to me. Like I am an invisible. Why? It happens to me often. I was so sad actually.

Whatever it is, I hate people judging when they don’t know who we are actually. Be friends with me first before you put any preconceive idea on me. I don’t have problems with others as long as they don’t do anything bad on me.

Friday, February 25, 2011

hustle bustle

Hye.. haha.. nk story skit sal ari ni. Hmm ari ni sgt kelam kabut. Everything goes so wrong. Okay FYI, smlm aku x smpt nk siapkan socio aku. Homework sgt byk. And aku x smpt nk siapkan. Actually aku da try nk siapkan homework aku smlm. Aku stay kt ds smata2 nk dptkan akses internet la. Tp mlgnye, line koop bengong n unfortunately, aku x dpt nk bwat socio cz x de akses internet. So, x dpt nk cr evidence utk essay aku. To fill my time, aku bwat la homework math yg msih tergendala bberapa soalan sbb math pon ckgu nk ari ni. Okay, so finally keje math aku pon dh siap fully(kononnye). Then aku bkk la blk lappy aku dgn harapan akses dh ade. UNFORTUNATELY, still x de.. arghhh!!!!!!!!!! Tension3!! Aku pon kol la zati utk dptkan bntuan broadband dr dy. Malangnye, zati dh tdo cz time tu dh pkul 1.15 a.m. okay, next effort, aku kol nad. FORTUNATELY, she didn’t sleep yet. And I was running from ds to her room just to get the broadband. FYI, her room is on the 3rd floor. And I was RUNNING to not waste my time. Rite after that, I continued doing my essay. But it didn’t last long bcz I was UTTERLY SLEEPY(zzzzz….) that I didn’t know what I was doing actually. [cannot think well- results of my extra sleepiness(p/s: don’t use this in your academic essay)]
                Okay, it was 2.05 a.m. and I was giving up to continue doing my socio essay. I decided to go to bed. After washing my face, I fell into bed(tp baca doa dulu la, hehe..) I set my alarm at 4.30 a.m. with the hope to finish my essay bcz I HAVE TO submit it by tomorrow(which is actually this morning) by 8 a.m. I actually set my alarm at 3 different time which are 4.30, 4.45 and 5.00.
Next morning(this morning I mean) I woke up. I was really sleepy that I wish to continue my sleep actually. But thinking of my socio essay, I ignore that evil feeling. I went out of my bed and take my phone to check what time it was. You know what??? It was 7.15!!! 7.15 I tell u!! It was the latest morning I ever woke up since I was in KMS(regardless weekend laa..) huh? And I need to submit my socio by 8. But I haven’t finished it yet. And I haven’t ironed my baju kurung yet! Niena!!! What’s happening to u dear??
                I got ready very fast this morning and I tried to finish my essay. But it was pointless. I know I just can’t make it. Can you continue your socio essay in less than 15 minutes?? No it’s impossible! I gave up! Yeah, I gave up. I went to class cluelessly(ade ke word ni?).  I told my friends that I don’t submit my paper. They were surprised. I was surprised too. What?? Niena, are you insane? Taking my friend’s advice, I went to meet teacher to tell her that I don’t submit my paper. She was weird and ask me t submit it by recess. Alhamdulillah, she gave me a chance, which I never expect she will. Because Ms Muna is very strict. Alhamdulillah, I managed to make it. I submitted my paper to her before recess.
                Then, Mira Lyana told the whole class that our math teacher was not around. What?? Supposedly, we needed to submit our plenty of exercises to her today, but now, she wasn’t around and actually we need to submit them on Monday. When I think about it, I was saying “what a waste of time I spent my time doing math. If I knew it was due on Monday, I won’t spent that much time doing that. Better if I work on my socio”. But, when I RETHINK, actually it was great! Because I can spend my time for my IRP his weekend. And I remember the saying goes “men proposed, God disposed”. Yes, we’re just planning, but God are the Greatest to decide everything. He knows what is the best for us. Even though we have a lot of things and homeworks to do, but just think that He already told us that “Allah tak kan bebankan kita dgn ssuatu yg x dpt kita tanggung”. So, we must be able to encounter whatever problems that come to us because He already promised that He won’t give us something that we cannot endure. Remember yea friends J
                Last but not least, jgn byk merungut, just do it and you’ll make it! J

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

respect + honour

These 2 words are quite powerful for me. Why I say so is because everyone needs them, dreams for them, and wishes for them. All of us are hoping to be respected and honored. But, how can we get that? We often heard, “respect others to gain respect”. Yep, it is as simple as that. If you want to be respected, first and foremost thing you need to do is respect people. Is it hard to do so? It seems simple but in certain extend it is hard to do so. Do u understand what I mean? I mean sometimes we don’t even know why can’t we respect some people and we even think that he/she does not deserve to be respected. I think it’s because the way he/ she treated people around her/him. Yeah, another one is “treat others as u want to be treated”. Simple right? This world is so karma. “What goes up must come down”.” What goes around comes around”. J
                I can’t stand seeing people being rude especially to the elders. Come on la, she/he is not your friend. They are someone older than you. I think everyone knows how the elder should be valued. They are sometimes hurt inside but they are just pretend to be fine, to show that they are professionals. But, until when? Until at 1 point later, they may be not as patient as they are now. She’s/ he’s NOT your friend my dear. Ok? That’s fine to do such things to your friends but not to the elders.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

~pretty ugly~ by fairylu'lu


Soft and gentle without a cause,
Pain and hurtful without a gross,
He may be the boss and yet, lost,
The heart has no pause.

Mole may be charm,
Yet cleft will be harm,
She may put on lipstick, lip gloss or lip balm,
Yet the natural lips will always come.

Silence fills the emptiness,
Cacophony grabs the calmness,
Sentence flows with kindness,
Then the heart filled with happiness.

Black, pink, red, are the colours,
You may choose though might be cursed,
You have emotions, they have sentence,
But he might be burst.

-Fairylu’lu (NMS)-

this is my poem, originally created by me. well, im not that good in producing art works. but this is what i've done. i just wanna share wth you what this poem is all about. what do you think?? actually physically, it about lips. but literally, it's about something deeper, which i mean is words. you know hw words can kill people? even without using any sharp objects, u may kill people. so, generally this is about words that cn be misled, misinterpreted, misunderstand, lighten people, pleased people, console people, comforting or anything. it's all about how u voice them out and hw people accept your words. it seems easy but it is a great enemy of everyone.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

penat, tired, sick!

i dunno hw to start. but it's already started.haha.

okay, today im tired. tired of playing netball. (i jz love it actually). im not a netball player, im a handball player. so, im quite aggressive when it comes tp playing on the field. maybe i was too excited since i dont play any ball for such a long time. waa i miss handball. npe handball x de kt kms huh?? nsb baek ade netball. bolehlaaa...

next, talking about tired. im tired ppl always misjudge me since my school age. label biasa, bdk pndai yg blagak(hakikatnye aku x pndai pon. n x blagak pon.. waaa). next, aku jgk slalu kne cop as jambu(meaning ank ksayangan ckgu) it's not like that actually. i just love to be close with my teachers. that's all. fullstop. i never meant to 'bodek' or whatever. excuse me?? what for?

okay, next issue. im also tired admiring ppl. admiring ppl wth no feedback. haha. mmg la no feedback. DIORANG mne tahu aku ske diorang. haha.. knapakah istilah "DIORANG" digunakan d sni. yes, it's simply because i admire more than 1 persons. hahaha.. ADMIRE ok???

x kesa la. pape pon, aku twu sape knl aku twula aku cmne. sometimes annoying, sometimes ignorant, sometimes ngengade. but i believe if they really love me, they just accept me the way i am. right?

another 1, i hate sending message to who intentionally dont reply my message. especially when it comes to work matter.

k k.. im sleepy now. bye.



Monday, February 14, 2011

fly to your heart

dis song! yep introduced by someone.  enjoy this song. still remember the word being said to me. but it remains in my heart. :)
for me, dis is a very cute song.. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

teaching is my soul~

Looking at the post title already it is something very deep to talk about. Teaching is my choice, meaning it has to be my profession in the future. You know how deep my passion is in teaching profession? Actually, me, myself don’t know how to measure it. What I know is, I love teaching and teaching is my soul. I think it’s a very strong standpoint to tell you why I took TESL. It’s not that im very good in English. Of cz I’m not. I’m still learning. I never find English is hard since I was in my primary school. In fact, I enjoy learning English so much. But as I came into this KMS, I just knew that English is not that easy. Or more accurate, TESL is not as easy as I thought it should be. But, I take it as a challenge. I was quite hard to adapt with my literature. Somehow, I believe, I am “slowly but surely”. That’s what my lecturer told me. So, there’s no use for me to give up right. What?? Give up?? Hey, that’s not NIENA okay??? She’s here to be somebody in the future. Somebody means somebody useful to her religion, society and family . since I was in primary school, I was always interested to my teachers. Actually since I was in kindergarten. I always have a close relationship with my teachers. I was easy to be pleased to someone when he/ she treat me nicely.

Like my English teacher in primary school, her name is Zaida bt Yusop. I think she’s the first teacher who teaches me about life. She has a different way of teaching. We used pictured dictionary as our main tool in class. And she was the one who called me as LYN. Until now, we’re still in contact and she has married. But she still a good teacher as she used to be before. She often offered help to me and concerns about me. 
Next one is my English teacher too. But she taught me English in secondary school. She was a very pretty woman. She’s attractive, well-groomed and also beautiful. That was really a package for her. Plus, she was superb. I looove her so much. She made English as a very fun subject and everyone of us was really excited whenever English lesson comes. She also trained me to write essays well, participate in public speaking, choral speaking, and also drama. She gives a special attention to me. I can fell that she loves me. But, she’s a professional. It is never shown in class that she was bias or what not. She treated us equally in class. Her name is DZAIZATUL SHIKIN BT MDRAHIM. I don’t know, but I can’t forget her. She was really special and I dream to be like her in the future.  She has a son named ASGHAR NADJMI and he used to be my friend but we lost contact. Actually, I really wanna be friend with him. It’s something about him that my heart says “hey, he’s nice!” J
Next teacher in my list is ABDUL RAHIM BIN NAPIAH. Yes, he’s a male teacher. He’s someone special too. He was the one who always consoled me when I’m depressed. i shared my problems with him and he's an excellent listener. he is a generous person too. he used to take me and my friends out and we have a lunch together. he taught us ADD MATH. we never felt bored in his class. in fact, during his class, we will alwez very energetic and excited + enthusiasm. he is very concern about his student's performances. 5J is like his class eventhough he was not our class teacher. whatever it is, he's an exceptional teacher. he is one and the only one.

dis is ckgu rahim(centre) :))

hmm so, i hope to be as these names one day. they are my idol. not to forget, my idol as a teacher n everything, MY PARENTS. :))

they are the best of everything.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


today, i had a quite unlucky day. let me tell u. today, i woke up at 5.30 a.m. after a late sleep last nite, which is at 2 a.m. doing what until dat late?? doing my IRP lah. i mean, REDO! hmm ok, since my bus to seremban is at 9.30 a.m. so, i need to leave my house very early lah. so, by 7 kitorang dh b'tolak bcz aku nek bus dr ipoh. before pegi tu, aku x packing lg printer. my mum pon sruh la letak kn printer tu dlm sbuah luggage yg ade dlm blik dy. aku pon gunea luggage 2. n buku plak x de beg nk letak, aku pon smbr jela satu beg gls ni(yg dlmnye berisi kasut bola adk aku, tp aku kluarkan kasut tu n msukkan buku2 aku) ok fine. dh smpai ipoh tu mmg tepat2 kul 9. dgn kelam kabutnye, kitorang pon turun cz kakak aku nye bas kul 9. dy nk blk skudai. nk dijadikan cerita, time nk heret luggage aku yg berisi printer tu, brla sedar yg luggage tu actually rosak. dy pnye tmpat pegang utk heret tu x leh gne. so ape function ade roda di situ tuan2 dan puan2?? arghh!! itu masalah 1. kedua, dh gls beg yg ade bku tu, tetbe beg itu putus lalu jatuhlah beg itu di tanah. ape lah malang sgt. mak aku dgn penuh supportive pon ckp, xpe2, ikat tali beg tu. nk x nk, kne la ikat bcz dats d only way. dh 2, bas pon smpai. tetbe plak my dad hilang. aku pon naek lah bas. dlm bas tu hati sgt sedih + sebak. aku dh nk balik ni, mna ayh?? aku pon hntarla msg kt ayh aku. tetbe ayh aku dtg naek ats bas tu n sku pon trus kluar air mata sbb sedih + tension. rpa2nya ayh aku hilang td, g cari tali utk ikat kt beg aku. aku igt ayh aku dh naek keta, x nk hantar aku naek bas. hmm ok fine. dh smpai d T1, nsb baek aku ade seorang sahabat yg baek hati n sahabat sejati yg tolong jemput aku kt T1 n hantarkan aku ke kolej. dy ksian aku kne bwk beg byk(+rosak) sorang2. kurangla beban skit. dh smpai sna, sluar aku tetbe t'koyak. t'pksa la beli jeans baru. arghh dh la dwit x de. kne plak kluarkan dwit utk bnda yg x d'rancang............. sian kn???
tp everything was healed after hang out ngn kwn aku tu. well, she's my bestfren. dy sgt helpful. Allah je dpt bls jasa baek dy tu. to NURUL HUSNA MOHD PUAT. u're alwez my bestfren. i love u!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

holiday = homeworkss!!!

ari ni aku balk!!! wuhuuu!! utk raya cina. gong xi fa cai ya. hmm nme je cuti, bt 4 a tesl student like me, holiday is not what it's meant to be. haha meaning we hav worksss to do. hmm literature, kne correct blk IRP notes for prose + poem yg kitorang bwat ari 2. then utk IRP notes for play, aku dpt tjuk 'battle of the sexes'. huh, x ske tjuk 2. x beshh!! sape cdgkn 2??? ni abu la ni... ;PP ok, ade lg x literature?? eh2, jap2 ade lg yg IRP play 2 due on 28/2/2011 (on my table, before 8, haha ayt mz niena) hmm + ade plak tmbhn utk play yg kitorang bkl blajar for next sem. King Henry IV part 1. aku kne cr psl, Shakespeare's language. huh.. byknyee... ok2 alhamdulillah literature dh abis. now math. math nsb bek aku dh siapkan tutorial + bku text nye keje b4 cuti. so, ringan skit. bt it doesn't mean dh x de assignment for math. hmm kitorang kne smbung lg projek statistics ari 2. due on ble, x sure. haha. nxt, socio. hmm x de??? haha best nyee........ cme aku nk siapkn nota aku la. nota socio sdn bhd pnye. ape lg?? GP?? oh GP dh x blajar sem ni. Alhamdulillah.. haa IELTS. IELTS kne bwat la test2 yg ae dlm bku 2. ape? igt tcer beli bku 2 sruh smpan je ke niena?? bwat laaa..ok, i think that's all.

 hah?? blom2.. ade lg. ni utk prs plak. bln 2 is group 2 pnye turn, which means, my group! so kitorang kne cr mklumat sal perubatan + pergigian(or bak kata wak nazli, ubat gigi) suka suki dy je.  + aku kne beli krepek utk jual;an under group aku. utk jualan krepek ni, aku mletakkan harapan yg agk tnggi bg mnyumbang dana utk projek mega kitorang. so arap2 b'hasil la.. meh la rmai beli krepek kitorang (cehh,, ade pon belom, dh kecoh).

k k aku sbnrnye tgh ksunyian b'seorangan dkt mcD ni. bas aku akul 1 nnt. x lma mna dh. doakan p'jalanan aku slamat ye. my mum akn dtg ambil aku kt Ipoh. k aku mls nk tulis pnjang2. bye! GONG XI FA CAI!!!