Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Perlu dan tidak perlu

Terkadang rasa bicara yang keluar normalnya lebih laju dari tarikan graviti.
Dan selepas manusia bertindak balas baru kau sedar sebenarnya kau silap dan kau tak perlu ungkapkan kata itu.

Dan kemudian kau rasa bersalah meresap dalam setiap lapisan kulit.
Dan kau terus berfikir kesakitan penerima ungkapan itu.
Tapi sayup sayup ada suara yang menyangkal sakit itu.
Dan kau cuba berfikir oh sebenarnya tiada apa apa yang perlu dirisaukan.
Semuanya baik baik aja.
Tapi kau tahu kau tak mampu tipu diri sendiri.

Dalam masa yang sama kau meletakkan diri kau dalam sampan perasaan si penerima.
Mungkinkah dalam lukanya?
Atau padanya seperti angin lalu sahaja.

Dan begitulah kitarannya. Kau meletakkan diri kau di tempat kau dan di tempat dia pada masa yang sama.
Pengakhirannya, kau naik gila.
Kata bahasa kedua,


Rasa siksa batin hari ni.
Kenapa perlu ada perasaan begini menyinggah?
Habis seharian emosi aku kacau.

Is it time of the month?

Aku sangkal.

25 tahun.
Masih begini reaksi aku.
Aku pun tak yakin bila aku mahu bangun dari mimpi ini.
Cukuplah Niena seksa diri sendiri.

Dan sekarang episod 1 drama tv3.
Selalunya aku memang susah nak layan drama pukul 7 tu.
Meluat ada lah.
Tengoklah kali ni apa tindak balas aku.
Kalau tak best aku tukar channel lain.
Atau aku terus main handphone.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

NZ Travel Tips and Tricks - HOW TO CUT YOUR BUDGET

Hello guys!

Finally, it's this! I've been wanting to do this since forever but I only got time and mood to write about this today.

So yeah, as most of you are already aware, I was in NZ for 4 years for my undergraduate studies and so I've traveled to quite a few places there. Almost all parts of NZ. Not ALL as in ALL of course.

To begin with, New Zealand is such a beautiful place. Like seriously, if you have the chance, please go there at least once in a lifetime. It's like a perfect place where you can have all that you need. I am not exaggerating, this is an honest experience and you can ask those people who went there and 99% rest assured, they'd answer the same.

Ok as you may read in my post title, it's basically tips and tricks on HOW TO CUT YOUR BUDGET. I understand travelling will require a lot of money, especially if you're travelling to a country that has a higher currency than your country. So what you can do instead is try to find ways on how and where to cut your budget. So for New Zealand, I'll share with you some wheres and hows on that. So let's begin!

Flight tickets - Oh yes yes yes this is where you could first save. Lucky enough now we have Air Asia to NZ. Before Air Asia commenced their trip to NZ, the cost was double or triple than what we can get today with Air Asia. How cheap can it be? You can get as cheap as 1k for a return ticket. Yes, seriously. Just keep eyeing on your date in Air Asia website 1 year before you start travelling and Insha Allah you'll be lucky to get that price. As long as the price is less than 1.5k, you may proceed buying. More than that, you might wanna wait first. I usually use Airpaz.com to keep my eye on the price.

Itinerary - If you want your vacation to be smooth and less hassle, please please please come out with the itinerary first. Itinerary should be done once you've locked the date for your vacation. Why do you need itinerary? Because you wanna know where to stay which night. When this is sorted, then you can then book your accommodation. And to get some rough idea on what you're going to do there and where to slot in your wishlist. And most importantly, you'll get the picture of your overall budget so you can prepare enough money before you go there.
Mine would usually look something like this. You don't have to be this detailed. As long as you get some ideas how you'd spend your days there is good enough. 

Accommodation - This is the best part for me. Once I've arranged my itinerary, I will straight away proceed with the hotel/motel/ whatever you call it. I will do my booking at booking.com. Why? Because it's free cancellation. So fret not! Just book the accom of your choice within your budget on selected dates and you're safe! You don't have to pay anything because (ALMOST) all is upon arrival. The choice ranges from backpackers to high-class hotel. If you're travelling in a group, I'd recommend you choose motel because it's cheap yet convenient. Backpackers would suit those who are travelling solo or duo and would like to make new contacts. Just read the description thoroughly in the website and make your choice based on what you prefer. I changed my accom a few times just because I found a cheaper option after I made my first booking. I mean, like I said, it's free cancellation so nothing to worry about, you can change as long as it's within the cancellation date (which lasts up until few days before your check-in date).

Activities - Yes, if you go to NZ, of course you have a few activities to do in your head. Do whatever you can and get as many experience but do it smart. How? By checking and taking advantage from this website called bookme.co.nz. They would offer daily deals and again, keep eyeing on it every single day and once you see the one that you want, go ahead and book! How cheap can you get? Ok example, usual price for Milford Sound cruise would be NZD80-90 per head but if you get it on a deal, you can get it for as cheap as NZD20-40 per head.So imagine, if there's 5 of you, how much have you saved? You do the math. They classify the activities based on region. So you see, even easier for you to check on what you want. So go ahead and make use of that website!

Transport - This is another way you could save your budget significantly. Like literally significantly. How? However possible, try to use RELOCATION CAR. What is relocation car? Ok gimme 2 minutes to explain to you before we proceed with the next process.

Relocation car is basically a company's initiative to have a win-win situation between their convenience and customer's convenience. Ok you see, one rental car company has a lot of hubs across New Zealand. Let's take one company. Jucy.co.nz. So let's say Jucy has 12 branches across New Zealand. So it's very normal for them to transfer their vehicles from one branch to another branch. Therefore, instead of hiring a manpower to do so, they open it to the customers. So, if let say, they need to transfer this car from Auckland to Wellington on the 22nd until 25th of April, they will offer this to the customer at a crazy price. Instead of booking a normal rental car at $60 per day (for sedan. Insurance excluded), you'll get the same ride at $1. Crazy enough? Yes I know right.

So now you know what relocation car is, you can view it here at this website called transfercar.co.nz. Insert your preferred dates and just find the vehicle that you prefer. Even campervans are available. Just be sure to check all the details like what are included (insurance, fuel etc), price per day, transmission (auto or manual) and mileage. I usually would go for relocation car offered by Budget company because their cars are top-notch, they give us full tank and we can return empty tank and they won't force us to take the insurance. So I literally paid $1 per day guys.

Whenever relocation car is impossible for my schedule, I'd always opt for this company named rentadent.co.nz. The reason is simply because their service is AH-MAY-ZING. Never had I ever have bad experience with this company. Their price is also cheaper than other companies. Other companies available are jucy.co.nz, hertz.co.nz, ezi.co.nz, apex.co.nz, budget.co.nz and just a lot more. I'm listing them here just in case you might wanna compare the price. Generally, all companies are good. NZ people are very friendly and welcoming but I just personally love Rent a Dent the most.

Mobile Carrier - This is another must-have for travelers nowadays. What is travelling when we don't have enough data right? So if you ask me, what's the best carrier for travelers, I'd choose Spark. However, I'd usually opt for normal package as supposed to travelers package because it has more data capacity hewhew. Just visit their booth in the airport upon arrival and ask for their advice. Other options would be Vodafone and 2 degrees. I've used all carriers when I was in NZ but I'd say Spark is the most convenient. But then again, there's only a slight difference between them so the choice is yours!

Food - Food is a must-try whenever you go travelling. Not much can I say here on how to cut your budget here. For me it's quite significant because I'm not a big eater. If you're like me, never order one meal for yourself only, instead do SHARE! Because the portion is BIG! It's double triple my portion. So there already save your pennies maaa. But if you're a big eater, skip this part and let's move on to the next.

Shopping - If you're a sucker of gifts and souvenir, my advice is never ever do your souvenir shopping in Auckland (unless Auckland is the only place you go so what can you do). Instead, shop for souvenirs in Queenstown. Wellington and Christchurch would do too. Just not in Auckland. One, the choice is limited, second, the price difference is significant. So be wise.

Well I think these are all. Bottom line is, pre-book everything! Cheaper and easier. Instead of wasting your time queuing to buy tickets at a normal (expensive) price, you just show your printed pass. I hope it does help you getting some ideas on how to plan your trip to New Zealand. I'm happy to take any questions if you have. I can be your unpaid consultant. Gittew.  Till then,

Niena MS

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Autism #1

Autism is something that is getting more and more popular these days.

So what is Autism?

Autism is a complex neurobehavioral condition that includes impairments in social interaction and developmental language and communication skills combined with rigid, repetitive behaviors. Because of the range of symptoms, this condition is now called autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It covers a large spectrum of symptoms, skills, and levels of impairment. ASD ranges in severity from a handicap that somewhat limits an otherwise normal life to a devastating disability that may require institutional care.

This is what the website says. Complicated? Yes, very.

The reason why I'm writing about this is because I want to share my symphaty and emphaty with these children and parents with these children. Ever since few years back, I've been really into this topic. I love knowing more and more about autism.

Raising an autistic child is never easy. Living with an autistic sibling too, is never easy. That also includes teaching an autistic kid. In my case, I'm in category 3. I am teaching autistic kid, in fact, kids. Yes, there are quite a number of students in my school who are diagnosed with autism with different spectrum. Yes, spectrum. Again, as the definition up there, it is a spectrum because one autistic child is not comparable to another. I mean, if we look at it this way, even we, 'normal' humans, are not comparable to each other. Some of us are tempered, some of us are quiet, some of us are loud, some of us are slow and things like that. What makes us different is the ability to control ourselves. For autistic kids, they can't control themselves and we can't blame them for that because that what makes them autistic.

As a concerned society, if you ask me how to understand autistic kids better, I would suggest you to expose yourself with this issue more. Try to find out more. I myself have read and watched and followed a few stories of autistic kids and I'd love to share with you. I've read a book entitled 'The Spark' and 'Saving Danny'. It was by chance that I happened to pick books about autism.

The Spark is written by Kristine Barnett, a mother of an autistic kid. Of course, this is a true account. In this case, his son was a genius. By genius I mean, he has an IQ higher than Einstein. He could even memorize and say the pi number easily. I mean, who on earth would remember exactly the pi figure. Basically, he's a genius in math and astronomy. He even knew the concept of 'volume' when he was a toddler. Despite his gifted-ness in one area, he was socially impaired to the extent that he stopped talking completely.

Meanwhile, Saving Danny is written by my all-time favourite author cum a foster carer, Cathy Glass. It's a story about Danny, a more timid version of autistic kid. He was sent to the foster care because the parents were frustrated and impatient dealing with him and thought it's the best place for him. Little did they know that their child is autistic. Danny's spectrum is more on living in his own cocoon, communicating with his pet-rabbit rather than humans whom he find hard to relate to most of the time. He is also good with routine and pattern and can be extra meticulous sometimes. Because of his inability to express himself to humans, he will end up throwing a fit.

Apart from books, I also watched this one Hindi movie called 'Taare Zameen Par' (Like Starts on Earth), which revolves around a dyslexic kid who struggles to fit in the school setting, what more the society. Again, in this movie, the parents and teachers got frustrated on him because of his 'dullness'. Little did they know that this kid has a dyslexia (most of them are not aware of this 'disability', not even heard one). He ends up surprising them with his astounding talent in art.

Not only them, I also enjoy following a few autism stories on social media, specifically Fynn Jamal's son, Juna, Adam Autism Family and Zarina Zainuddin. Seriously, they are all different to another. It will be unfair to me to tell who has the most challenges. All of these amazing parents are gifted with these special kids who become the source of them getting pahala. Wallahi, it's super inspiring looking at their spirit of raising these children.

Having said all these, I myself am dealing with autistic kids as I've mentioned earlier. Honestly, I can relate to all these stories I heard, watched and followed. Despite the challenge, I have to admit that they are my source of inspiration to come to school and teach. Everyday, I will always learn something new about them. And you have to keep trying with new methods. They are not the same as other children. Don't expect them to be the same. They are unique. But they are amazing in their own way. Yes, understanding them can be a very exhausting and frustrating process but as long as you can, don't give up on them.

Thanks a lot for reading this. I hope this will help you to understand autism at least 0.001% of it. Create awareness. Spread awareness. May Malaysia be the safe place for these kids. If you have any more good reading materials or movies about autism, do share with me.

That's it. Adios,
Niena MS

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

February Pressure is Real

This February will be such a hectic month. So many deadlines to be met. I haven't finished marking yet. Marking is so time consuming. I wish I could have one week without students at school just to finish my marking. *sigh*

Today is my worn-out day. I started my day marking some essays, then it dragged my energy because I was kinda disappointed with the way they wrote. Meanwhile, everyone else is having a good off-day at home. -_- I know right. It's Thaipusam so technically it's a public holiday but I did not have mine. 

Something weird is creeping in and I wish it will go away soon. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


So far I've been loving my work.

I admit there are some busy and rough moments but that's how life works. The older you get, the more you have to deal with things called problem.

However, hearing some people around me complaining sometimes makes me ponder. Though we all have the same things, but we all don't enjoy the same way.

The reason why I love my job right now is because I have more pros than cons and I believe those people who are unhappy with their jobs out there, their cons outweigh the pros. I feel sorry to those people and honestly, I hope you can do what you love one day.

You know, career sounds so appealing but being in it is like you'll get stuck to it for the rest of your life. So I personally find it worthless waking up in the morning, staying back late, getting stuck in the traffic for something you don't find the joy in. The solution is, make yourself love it or if you still can't, opt for something you love. At the end of the day, monetary reward is not all.

Most importantly, if we wanna talk in Islamic point of view, when we do something that we love, chances are, we are more likely to perform and insha Allah blessings will come along.


It's the key to a settled heart and contentment.

May Allah accept our ibadah in working, may Allah forgive our shortcomings and excessiveness in dealing with people around us. Ameen.


It's 2018 and I feel like I'm too apart from my old self in terms of writing here. I used to write short and brief and random and compact but now I rant too much. Another sign of adulting I guess. 

Niena MS

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


*catching up*

Happy New Year.

Happy (belated) birthday to me.

Selamat kembali ke sekolah.


Quick flashback on 2017. Well, it went pretty good. Quite a major shift in life. Jumping to a new life as an employee as supposed to students for so many years back. The transition was pretty (well actually very) hard. Was emotionally, physically, financially and mentally inverted. So challenging but I made it through.

So yeah. 2018. Yes it's real. Resolutions? Oh yes, I'm the type of person with resolutions every year. Insha Allah let's just make it general right here. Of course I'm hoping for all the good things to happen. May Allah make it easy for me. Hope to be a better person 360 degree. More specifically, let's  not have them here *smirk*

Anyway, I've started being in action again in school.
I guess my motivation is going down today. I feel extremely tired though I know my day is not too packed with classes but I guess my mind is overly occupied. And worse is coffee stock is running out at school today. I mean, what can be worse than that? Luckily, a savior came and fixed my caffeine crisis.

Honestly, as we get closer to checkpoint, I'm getting more anxious. It's a huge pressure you know when you are in charge of the exam class. But I mean, I believe in myself but doubt comes every once in a while. For example, today. And that causes my motivation to go down in the drain. Somebody please tell me all is well.

Having said that, I am so offended whenever I get this reaction from people "Ala chill aa primary je pun".
Actually being a TESL student, we got a lot of 'je pun'. There's a stigma that TESL is less prestigious than any other courses. Sometimes I get it, they're just mocking around without any bad intention because we have less classes than them. We are like the punching bag for people to hit a joke on. Well, that's totally fine. However, some of them really mean it. Like they even questioned, if TESL students will end up being a teacher, why is there a need for you (us) to be sent overseas? Why do you choose to be just a teacher? And so on and so forth.

Hey people, if that's how your mind works, you gotta get your mentality fixed.

Can I just add one more thing I'm quite annoyed with at this point in my life?
It's when people are imposing the belief that I MUST continue my master. Ok tell you what, I sincerely appreciate when people are encouraging me to pursue my study. But please don't make it compulsory and try to determine my goal. I am not against it totally. I just feel like not doing it (yet). If I were to continue my study, I would have to think of a topic, I would have to see myself meeting more deadlines, staying up late writing my thesis, meeting my supervisor regularly and whatnot. Honestly, I know myself and I'm not good in multitasking, what more juggling 2 big things in life (study and career). Quitting my career for study? Oh maybe just not yet. I'd like to commit myself in things I am passionate with. So, at the moment it's teaching.

Some people might as well say, well but once you're married, things will be harder. You gotta juggle with 3 big things. Wait, who tell you I want to continue master again in the first place??

Upon reading this, you might as well judge me. You might say I'm too comfortable with where I'm at. No, that's not what I meant. My whole point is, to continue study, you have to have a drive. It has to come from within. I won't do it just because others are doing it. I wanna do it when I see I need to do it and I wanna do it. So yeah.

I'll stop here. I know I always press the brake hard, sorry (abrupt end).

Niena MS.

*checkpoint is a primary Cambridge assessment. UK version of UPSR sort of. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

NZ Grad Trip Part #3

Hohohooo.. I'm coming back for more. Lemme just finish what I've started ok.

30th September
Today we headed to Christchurch from Twizel. So on the way, we stopped by at Lake Pukaki and Lake Tekapo, sightseeing. Lake Tekapo is just miraculously amazing. You gotta see it with your own two eyes. Best time to go to Lake Tekapo however is end of the year, around October-December like that cause you'll see the beautiful purplish lupines all over the lake. Just ah-may-zing. But still, without those lupines, it doesn't impair the sight at all. Theeeeeen, we continued until we reached our next accom at Christchurch later in the evening,  Tui Lodge Motel .

I must tell you an incident that happened here. Ok so we entered the room, settling down there and one of the things we did was charging our phones. Happened to be, suddenly, the plug exploded and sparked right next to my cheek. As I was scrolling my phone while charging. OMG that was really scar and luckily I didn't get burnt. I mean, I could've just affected somehow because it was really close but Alhamdulillah God saved me. So the consequence was, the whole room was black out and we went ahead to the reception, reported what had happened. Luckily, the receptionist was so nice and friendly and was guilty on her accom's behalf, changed us to a different room. That was so nice of NZ people, I know. We were not blamed, not a bit.

1st October
Today, we returned our relocation car and flew back to Auckland from Christchurch.

We took another rental car in Auckland from rent a dent, my all-time favourite company. Then, had our lunch in Auckland and drove off to Taupo. Our very last spot before going home tomorrow.

So yeah, we departed quite late and only arrived at 8 pm. Then, made our way to the Camelia Court Motel, checked in, had our dinner and slept zzzz.

2nd October
We checked out very early in the morning and went to the hot tourist spots in Taupo: Huka Falls and Lake Taupo. Huka Falls is my all-time favourite place in the North Island. Subhanallah. That's all I can say.

Then, we drove straight to the Hobbitton Movie Set Tour in Matamata. Again, another place you must go especially if you're a LOTR freak. One more thing, if you go there, please do visit the cafe upstairs and give the fish n' chips a shot. It is yums. We actually had 2 lols.

Theeeeen, we straight away headed back to the Auckland Airport and what else to do, we waited for the only flight we did not look forward to, Auck-Msia.

Aaaand that's the end of our NZ Grad Trip.

I really appreciate if you did read all the 3 parts of my entry.

See you, adios,
Niena MS

Saturday, December 23, 2017


Adeh. Malas dah.

Will there be NZ Grad Trip #3?

If we step into new year without it, there won't be then.

Helpppp. I am so darn lazy.