Tuesday, January 16, 2018


*catching up*

Happy New Year.

Happy (belated) birthday to me.

Selamat kembali ke sekolah.


Quick flashback on 2017. Well, it went pretty good. Quite a major shift in life. Jumping to a new life as an employee as supposed to students for so many years back. The transition was pretty (well actually very) hard. Was emotionally, physically, financially and mentally inverted. So challenging but I made it through.

So yeah. 2018. Yes it's real. Resolutions? Oh yes, I'm the type of person with resolutions every year. Insha Allah let's just make it general right here. Of course I'm hoping for all the good things to happen. May Allah make it easy for me. Hope to be a better person 360 degree. More specifically, let's  not have them here *smirk*

Anyway, I've started being in action again in school.
I guess my motivation is going down today. I feel extremely tired though I know my day is not too packed with classes but I guess my mind is overly occupied. And worse is coffee stock is running out at school today. I mean, what can be worse than that? Luckily, a savior came and fix my caffeine crisis.

Honestly, as we get closer to checkpoint, I'm getting more anxious. It's a huge pressure you know when you are in charge of the exam class. But I mean, I believe in myself but doubt comes every once in a while. For example, today. And that causes my motivation to go down in the drain. Somebody please tell me all is well.

Having said that, I am so offended whenever I get this reaction from people "Ala chill aa primary je pun".
Actually being a TESL student, we got a lot of 'je pun'. There's a stigma that TESL is less prestigious than any other courses. Sometimes I get it, they're just mocking around without any bad intention because we have less classes than them. We are like the punching bag for people to hit a joke on. Well, that's totally fine. However, some of them really mean it. Like they even questioned, if TESL students will end up being a teacher, why is there a need for you (us) to be sent overseas? Why do you choose to be just a teacher? And so on and so forth.

Hey people, if that's how your mind works, you gotta get your mentality fixed.

Can I just add one more thing I'm quite annoyed with at this point in my life?
It's when people are imposing the belief that I MUST continue my master. Ok tell you what, I sincerely appreciate when people are encouraging me to pursue my study. But please don't make it compulsory and try to determine my goal. I am not against it totally. I just feel like not doing it (yet). If I were to continue my study, I would have to think of a topic, I would have to see myself meeting more deadlines, staying up late writing my thesis, meeting my supervisor regularly and whatnot. Honestly, I know myself and I'm not good in multitasking, what more juggling 2 big things in life (study and career). Quitting my career for study? Oh maybe just not yet. I'd like to commit myself in things I am passionate with. So, at the moment it's teaching.

Some people might as well say, well but once you're married, things will be harder. You gotta juggle with 3 big things. Wait, who tell you I want to continue master again in the first place??

Upon reading this, you might as well judge me. You might say I'm too comfortable with where I'm at. No, that's not what I meant. My whole point is, to continue study, you have to have a drive. It has to come from within. I won't do it just because others are doing it. I wanna do it when I see I need to do it and I wanna do it. So yeah.

I'll stop here. I know I always press the brake hard, sorry (abrupt end).

Niena MS.

*checkpoint is a primary Cambridge assessment. UK version of UPSR sort of. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

NZ Grad Trip Part #3

Hohohooo.. I'm coming back for more. Lemme just finish what I've started ok.

30th September
Today we headed to Christchurch from Twizel. So on the way, we stopped by at Lake Pukaki and Lake Tekapo, sightseeing. Lake Tekapo is just miraculously amazing. You gotta see it with your own two eyes. Best time to go to Lake Tekapo however is end of the year, around October-December like that cause you'll see the beautiful purplish lupines all over the lake. Just ah-may-zing. But still, without those lupines, it doesn't impair the sight at all. Theeeeeen, we continued until we reached our next accom at Christchurch later in the evening,  Tui Lodge Motel .

I must tell you an incident that happened here. Ok so we entered the room, settling down there and one of the things we did was charging our phones. Happened to be, suddenly, the plug exploded and sparked right next to my cheek. As I was scrolling my phone while charging. OMG that was really scar and luckily I didn't get burnt. I mean, I could've just affected somehow because it was really close but Alhamdulillah God saved me. So the consequence was, the whole room was black out and we went ahead to the reception, reported what had happened. Luckily, the receptionist was so nice and friendly and was guilty on her accom's behalf, changed us to a different room. That was so nice of NZ people, I know. We were not blamed, not a bit.

1st October
Today, we returned our relocation car and flew back to Auckland from Christchurch.

We took another rental car in Auckland from rent a dent, my all-time favourite company. Then, had our lunch in Auckland and drove off to Taupo. Our very last spot before going home tomorrow.

So yeah, we departed quite late and only arrived at 8 pm. Then, made our way to the Camelia Court Motel, checked in, had our dinner and slept zzzz.

2nd October
We checked out very early in the morning and went to the hot tourist spots in Taupo: Huka Falls and Lake Taupo. Huka Falls is my all-time favourite place in the North Island. Subhanallah. That's all I can say.

Then, we drove straight to the Hobbitton Movie Set Tour in Matamata. Again, another place you must go especially if you're a LOTR freak. One more thing, if you go there, please do visit the cafe upstairs and give the fish n' chips a shot. It is yums. We actually had 2 lols.

Theeeeen, we straight away headed back to the Auckland Airport and what else to do, we waited for the only flight we did not look forward to, Auck-Msia.

Aaaand that's the end of our NZ Grad Trip.

I really appreciate if you did read all the 3 parts of my entry.

See you, adios,
Niena MS

Saturday, December 23, 2017


Adeh. Malas dah.

Will there be NZ Grad Trip #3?

If we step into new year without it, there won't be then.

Helpppp. I am so darn lazy.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

NZ Grad Trip Part #2

27th September 

So today we were supposed to go to Queenstown. The flight was scheduled at 8.30 am so that means the latest we could arrive is at 8. I expected us to arrive earlier of course but because of the rush-hour traffic, we only arrived there 4 minutes before 8 and it was so fool of me that I didn't do the web check-in before that. So we literally dashed in the airport straight to the check-in kiosk and we managed to print 4 out of 5 tickets. We couldn't make it for the last one cause by the time I was typing in the booking reference, it's already time-out and we were asked to proceed to the service counter.

Cut the story short again, that last person (which is my sister's friend, Tiq) had to wait for the next flight at 1 pm. Oh not to forget the NZD50 fine for that. We couldn't just leave her there alone. So we tried to 'fight' anyway, went through all bag screening and whatnot till the last 'obstacle' which was scanning the boarding pass. We tried to explain the situation about that one friend of us and begging for their mercy to let her in anyway cause we can't just leave her alone bla bla bla. After almost 15 minutes, they had their say. We can't. She can't go in. So my sister sacrificed her ticket to accompany Tiq and the three of us proceeded. The plan was, we arrive Queenstown first, settle all the transportation and buy lunch for them and by the time they arrive which is at 3, we can just straight away go to Te Anau (cause we're staying the night in Te Anau that night, which is 2 and 1/2 hours away). So just imagine, the original plan was, we depart from Queenstown to Te Anau at 10.30 am and now it has to be 3.30pm since the other 2 will only arrive at that time. But doesn't matter, as long as all of us are safely arrived. And Alhamdulillah we did.

We arrived at Te Anau at around 6.30 pm and Alhamdulillah it's an amazing place. We stayed the night here http://www.stayfiordland.co.nz.

Anyway, if you're wondering, Te Anau is a small town where people usually stay as a transit from Queenstown to Milford Sound (the ultimate tourist attraction in the South Island). I doubt people go to Te Anau as their ultimate destination because really, it's nothing there but a wonderful and quiet place to stay. It's that isolated that you can hardly get coverage over there. Haha.

A group photo after all members completed

Yeah we cooked rice in a pan cause no rice cooker nor pot is available. 

Our accom compound

The accom. They have kitchen, toilet outside or if u like, u can book the room with bathroom inside, they have laundry and yeah, everything is there. 

28th September

Yeay, today is one of the most awaited days at least for me. We headed to Milford sound really early in the morning. Our ticket is at 9, everything is pre-booked (I'll do a separate post on how to plan your budget for trip to NZ).

Then walla! cruising time. Won't say much here cause everything is just beyond words. At least these photos would speak a bit (but still you gotta go there yourself and experience the beauty first-hand cause our eyes are the best camera!!)

I just think I need to put this photo anyway. Haha. 

After the scenic cruising activity, then we continued with a looooong drive back to Queenstown.
So yeah, next stop was Queenstown, now to stay the night there. We stayed in XBase http://www.stayatbase.com/hostels/new-zealand/queenstown/base-queenstown. Our room is just a perfect room for 5 people. Excellent accom.

29th September

Another long and scenic drive for today. We drove from Queenstown to Twizel. Before I forgot, we used a relocation car for today's journey. What's a relocation car? I'll explain more in my future post. But basically, we got a fancy car for NZD1 per day and with fuel included. So we don't need to refill the tank upon return. Again, I'll tell you more about this soon.

So yeah, we basically just drove until we arrived at Twizel Holiday Park and had the best salmon at High Country Salmon. If you ever pass through Twizel on your way, please do stop by here. If you are a salmon lover, you'll be insanely in love with the salmon here *cry*.

Our literally $2 car. ($2 cause we booked for 2 days *wink*)

Best salmon ever. *continue crying*

Okay I guess I'll stop here. Literally tired of writing. See you in part #3

Niena MS

Sunday, December 3, 2017

NZ Grad Trip Part #1


Today I wanna post something that is looooong overdue. It's about my graduation trip last September. I know I know, told ya, it's almost expired.

Actually I almost wanna forget about writing it but I think I have to do justice to my undergraduate life and hey! it's one of the most significant events in my life so of course it deserves an entry.

Where should I start?

I graduated on the 26th of September. Before I get to my graduation which is the whole point of writing this entry, lemme just share with you all the ups and downs throughout the trip along the way shall we? Just before we begin, there were 5 of us in the trip: myself, my 2 sisters and 2 friends.

September 25th
I flew off 2 days before and arrived on the 25th at 5 pm, 30 minutes behind the scheduled time. My friend is supposed to pick us up. By the time we touched down, he already arrived. To cut the story short, it took so damn long to claim the baggage, went through the immigration and whatnot.The waiting at the custom was crazy. And by crazy I mean, we only got out of the airport at 8! Not funny. Yeah, and my friend actually waited that long. The moment I saw him, I was the guiltiest person on earth.

The mishap didn't end there. We arrived at our backpackers at 8.30 and checked in. The moment we entered the room, we thought all the stresses would be relieved by just lying on the bed. BUT we were totally wrong!! We actually found out that there's another person sharing the room with us. We saw a backpack and a pair of boots and suspected it was a male. And yes the suspicion's confirmed once we noticed there's also a hat. After a while, that guy appeared, greeting us and we were awkwardly.. 'hi..,' faking the friendliest reply we could ever utter.

I was literally tensed and densed. Again, guilty level up cause I was the one doing all the arrangement and how could I not notice that I actually booked a mixed dormitory. It was such a stressful situation thinking we have to perform our prayer yet the fact that the room was too small and it's gonna be quite awkward praying in the little aisle in the room made us even more stressed out. So we decided that we went out and eat first since all of us could already eat a horse, then come back and try to ask for a room change from the receptionist. So we did.

When we asked the receptionist, I could tell that he felt so sorry that he couldn't help because happened to be, all rooms were fully-booked. So yeah, we had no choice but at the same time I was still hoping a miracle that we dont have to sleep in the same room with that guy. I just dont want to sleep with my scarf on because I am tired and I need a beauty sleep plus tomorrow is my graduation!!!

And a miracle finally happened. My friend (girl) texted me asking about how I was doing as she was looking forward for my arrival in Auckland. I was being honest replying "not that fine. Had to share a room with a guy" and she was like "whaaaaattt" and straight way offered her house for us to stay the night. We couldn't even feel shy at that moment, and accepted the offer. So that night we went to her house and settled down. We still left our stuff in that room though since we were thinking, it'd not be nice to just run away from that 'innocent' guy. He was really nice btw. But we were just being Muslimah women, not feeling comfortable sharing a room with a guy.

I finally slept at 1 am. And tomorrow is my graduation.

September 26th

Yeayyyyyy, it's my graduation day. I finally graduated. Here goes the pictures.

Graduation day was AMAZING. Yet so exhausting. I walked with my shoes off in the city by the evening. My feet were too sore I couldn't handle the pain anymore.

It's just the second day of the trip. Will continue the journey in Part #2.

Warning: more mishaps are coming haha. 

Niena MS

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


I know I know

I have never been this upfront talking about this topic. But after a long pause, I just thought I can talk about this in a more adult, matured way. I guess.

I'm just like other people who at this age has started thinking about this more seriously. I mean, marriage. Not so much about love, yet marriage. I think at this age I can skip the love part and move on to marriage right away. Haha I don't know if that makes sense to you, or even to me *insert thiking emoji*

Anyway, if you ask me how many times have I fallen in love?
How many times have I got heartbroken?

Yeah, that's the only solid feeling I had so far. Others are all crushes where I clap one hand (bertepuk sebelah tangan, ushar dari jauh and jadi sumber motivasi haha. Tipulah korang takde. Daaa *tangan di bahu mata ke atas*) Not sure whether I would ever feel so again. I forgot how it feels like being in love. Ok now that I said the word I feel cheesy. Or chizza since KFC now has chizza. But people say it's a crappy meal and not worth it. It's far from what's in the advertisement. Wait what we were talking about just now? Please get me back on track.

I actually am not too sure what is my point here.

I'm happy seeing everyone getting married and wish I could join them soon.
Insha Allah.

For now, I'm happy with my life Alhamdulillah. And amazing friends around.

Anyway, my parents are leaving for their Umrah tomorrow.
So please pray for their well-being throughout their umrah.
And for them to 'enjoy' their ibadah there Insha Allah.
And for me to be there too one day insha Allah.

On a side note, I am having a sore throat ever since one month ago. Yes seriously, I'm not exaggerating. Please pray for my throat to heal ASAP and I can get my voice back. It's really tiring having to talk a lot everyday when you really have to push your voice out. You know what I mean.

Ok good night everyone.

Niena MS

Sunday, November 26, 2017

I'm back

Hello guys. Oh yes I'm back again. For real.

Now honestly I have a looot to write. But I can't just jumble everything up here so lemme just choose one for now.


Yes. That's what I plan to talk about this time. You know I've been receiving these kinda questions a lot these days.
"Kenapa tak mau keja ngan MARA?"
"Oh sekolah swasta? Mesti banyak kan depa bayaq?"
"Laaa grad oversea sekolah rendah ja depa bagi?"
"Habis tu kena bayar balik la kat MARA?"

Ok and the list of questions goes on and on.
Lemme just clear the air right now. Yes I've made my decision that I want to withdraw from MARA. Reason? Or perhaps reasons? Well, it's not an ABC decision I tell you. I've been through a lot of discussion and consultation and then I finally came to this decision. Not gonna explain about my decision now.

My point of writing now is just to defend myself. Some people question my decision saying working in MARA is better for whatever reasons they have. Honestly I just don't feel comfortable people criticizing my decision because like I said, I've been through a lot of discussion and consultation so yeahh. One of the reasons why I choose to work here where I'm working right now is just because I am happy being here. I don't wanna gamble myself for something that I'm not sure (being hired by MARA is something uncertain, being happy in MRSM is another uncertainty and being a warden is another uncertain happiness and being thrown to Sabah Sarawak is another thing I doubt I'd be happy with). So yeah.

Yes. For me IT IS important for me to be happy at my working place. I'm a teacher. If I'm not happy with my job, students will pay the price and I don't want that to happen. Now I can 'balik kampung' as often as I want and that contributes to my happiness. If I were to teach in MRSM, I doubt I could 'get' most of my weekends, let alone to 'balik kampung'.

Gaji-wise. Nah, that's not my concern. We don't receive lucrative payment here as most people would've expected. What do you expect? I'm just a teacher so I never expect a high salary. Again like I said, as long as I'm happy teaching. :)

There are a lot of other things but I'm not planning to lay everything off here.

This post is in no way criticising MARA as a happy working place. Nope I never had that intention. I respect everyone's choices. It's all about preference. What you prefer is what you would go for right? So that's not an exception for me :)

One more thing, never in my life I said that my decision would surely guarantee me eternal happiness. Back to the nature of decision, at the end of the day WE HAVE to decide and we can only choose one. So what I chose is what I thought would be the best for now and the future as far as I can see. At the end of the day, Allah knows and sees beyond everything. My least hope is for Allah to make my journey smooth and blessed.

And insha Allah for everyone's reading this.

Niena MS

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Kalau dah nama bukan rezeki,
kau dah beli,
dah bayar,
dah masuk dalam mulut,
tetiba ada sekor kucing oren lalu,
kau tak nampak,
kau tersepak,
tercampak donat panas kau tu,
sebab memang tertulis,
bukan rezeki kau.

Rezeki rahsia Allah,
putaran hidup kita hari-hari.

Lain dengan jodoh.
bukan senario hari-hari.
bila once kau dah akad tu,
ha insyaAllah dialah jodoh kau.
ni aku belum cerita bab cerai-berai.
sebab cerita tu tak enak.

Sama jugak rezeki kerjaya,
dah pergi interview,
dah berjalan lancar,
kau nampak jalannya bercahaya,
kau dah dapat kata putus dari pengetua kata dia nak jumpa kau untuk stage kedua dengan senior principal,
kau tunggu panggilan,
kemudian kau dapat panggilan,
dia cakap dia akan call next week pulak,
kau tunggu lagi,
kesudahannya kau dapat email cakap kau tak berjaya untuk interview seterusnya,
kau terpinga,
eh kenapa pengetua tu bagi kau harapan cenggitu,
lepas tu kau ingat,
yelah pengetua tu bukan Tuhan,
walau dia izinkan,
tapi Tuhan tak izinkan,
hati kau diuji lagi,
diuji dengan keyakinan kau terhadap Ar-Razaq,

Sebab Dia tahu ada benda lain lebih baik untuk kau.
Jadi Niena, teruskan berusaha,
Tanam dalam hati kau paling dalam,
Semua HANYA akan berlaku dengan IZIN-NYA,
bukan semestinya kemahuan kau.
Kau kena hadam.

Semoga pembuka 2017 memberikan yang terbaik untuk diri aku.
Tahun ni aku belum pasang azam.
Sebab aku terlalu depressed semenjak dua menjak ni.
Aku terbuai dengan tafsiran 'berjaya' dunia.
Aku lupa bukak kamus akhirat.

Doakan aku istiqamah.

Monday, December 26, 2016

I'm 24.

Yes, I am 24 today.
26th December.
It's been 24 years Allah has lent me his life.

Dunno how I should feel right know.
But I know exactly how I feel right now.

I'm growing up very fast and not too soon growing old.

Whatever it is, that's life and sooner or later will end.
With all that I have today, I should be grateful and thankful to Allah.
Allah Allah.
Kecilnya dan kerdilnya diri ini bila berbicara tentangMu.

I thank everyone who never forgets to wish my birthday.
It's been a number of years already and you still wish me, that has already made me feel special and appreciated.
Thanks friends.

May this year bring me to a better version of myself.
May this year bring me to a lot of self-improvements,
May I be a better person to everyone around me.